Lightify Motion sensors--any DTH?

I would greatly appreciate an app/DTH to enable my Lightify sensors full functionality. I believe them to be the best sensors for the buck and can’t believe they’re the thing I will miss most swapping to SmartThings.
In have tried generic tricks in past posts, I have searched and searched. If anybody has a solution, or can help it’d be great. Thanks!

Are you referring to these sensors? If so, then they already work with Smartthings. Is it the temp sensor that you want working?

Use the smartsense motion dth

I would love to get the temp sensor working on mine. I have read quite a bit of the post that talk about the temperature sensor over the past 3 days. I am trying to use the sensors temperature capabilities to turn on my bedroom fan if the temp is above a certain level and then turn it off when the temp is back below the certain level.

One post mentions Zigbee and WIFI interference, I do not believe that this is the case.

One post talks about the DTH only reporting a change in temp, this is also wrong because I put the sensor on top of my heating vent yesterday. After 30 mins of no temperature change on the sensor, I pressed the update button inside the IOS app, the sensor updated to read 89 deg F.

Another post mentions that I can tweak the DTH Code into updating the Hub more often. I cannot seem to make this option work. This could be and mostly is due to my poor coding skills. Although it could be that it is not possible with the little $25 sensor.

I am open to any suggestions or a definitive “Not Possible” would be okay as well at this point I just want the madness to end. If it is not possible or just easier to purchase another sensor, I was thinking about the Aeotec 6 in 1 multisensor. I especially like that it is able to be USB powered. Please let me know your thoughts.

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Sorry but I don’t actually own one of these devices so I’m just making some educated guesses here. My guess is that this device is compatible with SmartThings but only as a motion sensor. The temperature aspect of it probably does not work well or at all with the generic device type that SmartThings may assign to it. That means that you may need a custom device type. You may want to check out this post and check with others that have had some experience with this brand of motion sensors:

Thank you for the reply. Late last night I actually got it working by going through the steps in the below post about 4 times.

(Iris Motion Sensor (2nd gen, 3326-L))

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Seem this works but only with the old ST app. The new ST app will not recognize it as a motion detector. Funny thing is the Smart Lighting automations will recognize it and it is able to use it in automations.