Lowes IRIS Motion detector

Continuing the discussion from Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models):

Set it up as the smartsense Motion/temp sensor for the correct choice.

Do the Window/Door sensors work if you change them to Smartsense multipurpose sensors?

They don’t have the same capabilities as the ST multis. I’ve got my Iris contact sensors using the SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor device type.

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That is what you need for the door sensors. although I dont see why not just set it for smartsense as they are centralite sensors that just report a different “brand”

I have not bought any as I was able to buy 10 packs of the Wink “tripper” door sensors for $10.00 each at my local home depot. so now I have door sensors coming out of my ears.


I wasn’t even aware the Iris door sensors reported temp. Good to know when I get around to using them.

I do like the small size of the Iris motion sensor. It fits tightly into a corner and is small enough to not be noticed.
I put mine in a hallway linen closet (didn’t want an open/close sensor on that door as it would be very noticeable) for triggering the hallway light to come on. I don’t want the light coming on if I just walk down the hall, only if I am in the closet for something.

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Damn you! I was looking for ten boxes of those as well when they went down to $10! :smiley:

I’m stealing this idea. Thank you!

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I put the door sensors in the inside of the closet door. completely invisible unless you open the door.

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For an owner that is a great solution.

For those of us who rent, we can’t justify that as we would either have to take the doors with us (replacing them) or leave the sensors.

Or just pry them off when you leave, they just use a sticky tape that comes off nicely with just a little effort. Or if you want to be extra paranoid, just use the 3M command sticky strips to begin with. I used a putty knife to remove some as I had them in the wrong spot, came off cleanly then I just reapplied some double sided sticky tape and put them in the new location.

They are not permanent and must stay there forever.

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When you said “in the inside of the closet door” I thought you meant the recessed sensors.

Is anybody else have problems with battery life for the IRIS motion detector? Mine is in a high traffic area so active alot and can’t adjust settings so it reactivates really fast. Is there a way to update the code to allow custom detection settings and temp reporting to improve battery life?

Mine has been in my office for 1 month now where it has constant motion detected for 3 hours a day when I am in there.

The battery is still showing 100%.

Interesting…I have gone thru a battery a month and I have it in my kitchen.

Having no knowledge about your physical set-up, I would guess that this is because of the distance/objects in the way between the device and the hub. I had issues with rapid battery drain on my SmartThings zigbee sensors until I moved around the powered devices that can repeat the signals from the battery powered devices.

Also, if there are other things nearby that are using the same frequency range, you’ll have issues with rapid battery drain as the devices will need to run the radio at higher power to cut through the interference.

Or you have a bad device?

Well I don’t have many zigbee devices and they are clustered in the other side of the house…I will move it closer to see if it has an impact.