New Iris Motion Sensor with Humidity Model IL071 Information [BETA DTH in post 2]

I just got my new Lowe’s Iris motion sensor, but it took a little effort for it to show up and work right. Here’s info that may help anyone with these and trying to get them to work right.

The pairing process is like any other device, but it will be found as a Thing. Until ST updates the stock DTH with the new fingerprint, you’ll need to do a few things after joining:

  1. In the IDE, change the Type field to “SmartSense Motion Sensor”
  2. Force a rejoin by pulling battery, then hold down the button on the side. Put the battery back in and when the red LED turns off, let go. The join process will start, so kick off the ST join process in the mobile app.
  3. The blue LED will flash, then flash green and turn off. When that happens stop the join process in the mobile app. Your sensor should now be working right, including temperature reporting.


  1. Create your own temporary DTH with the code posted below by @prjct92eh2. (Thanks!)
  2. In the IDE, change the Type field to “Iris IL071 Motion Sensor”

You can remove the temporary DTH, or keep it if you plan on adding more. I’ll probably update that DTH with the new fingerprint in a couple days, but for now all fingerprints have been removed from that DTH so it doesn’t mess up adding/rejoining a device with a valid fingerprint.

Information ST has about the device. Note the manufacturer:

Battery went from a CR2 to a CR123A.

The LED does NOT flash green like the previous model did.

It reports humidity!

Notice the size difference from the previous model:


I discovered last night this device also supports humidity. Worked on a handler for it here. Still have some testing to do with the configuration at join, so i’d consider this a beta for now.


Cool! I figured something was added based upon watching the live logging.

I also updated mine with the fingerprint (I think it’s right).

Thanks for catching the humidity capability @prjct92eh2

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Thanks random person in the Facebook group haha. They only mention it on the Iris website, not the Lowe’s site. Now wishing I would have loaded up when they were on Black Friday sale for $13.50

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Thanks !!!
Loaded and trying. Humidity is a real plus.

  • previously I could not get temp. to update, hope this corrects it.

You’ll still need to reset and re-add so it goes through the configure steps. I suppose I could add a button to kick those off manually…

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Mine flashes green just above the sensor eye. Yours doesn’t?

Added a configure button to the device handler so the user can tap it if they aren’t doing a fresh install.

Hmmm, I was looking for a flash around the dome like the old sensor did. That LED is so tiny that I didn’t notice. I’ll check when I get home from work today.

What about the contact sensor? Looks like that was also updated. Its different in size/shape compared to the previous ones and I had to change the DTH manually after pairing.

The contact sensor has the same capabilities as the old one. So pair it, change the device handler to smartsense open/close and then reset and re-add to trigger the configuration.

Just tried out the device handler. Seems to work good. I’ve been looking for a humidity sensor for my humidor. Didn’t realize I already had one. lol

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Assuming you have another humidity measuring device, let us know how accurate it is.

I use a Cigar Oasis.

I’ll see how they compare tonight.

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So these does motion, temp and humidity? Wow, there were super cheap during Black Friday. Didn’t think they worked with ST.

Hopefully, there are as reliable as the older models. I have a ton of those.

Confirmed, the tiny LED does flash green.

motion, temp, humidity and battery. I wish i would have picked up more than 1 on BF when they were $13.50 :disappointed:

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Yeah no kidding. I bought about 10 of the older models recently when they were marked down to $15. Only used one! Could have took the 9 back and bought those instead. I have 8 humidity sensors so I am covered but still was a great price. Oh well…

Humidity seems to be reporting the same as my hygrometer. Now to setup an alert for when the water runs low in the Cigar Oasis.

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Sorry for the NOOB question here, i have loaded all my Device handlers through the githib repo in the IDE. How do i go about uploading your handler. Is it in git or do i need to do it manually? If so what boxes need filled out? Again, sorry for such a basic question.