Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)

In trying to determine if they could be switched from the cloud it appears my iris sensor and GE wall switches are all showing up in my localdevice list - am I misunderstanding or are mine running locally?

Is the corresponding SmartApp also on the local list?

The community-created wiki has the links to check exactly which smartapps and device types are running locally for you in the FAQ section:


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Does anyone have the smart plug working? Mine is never found in the identifying screen. No instructions in the Lowes home automation box either but when i hold the button down the blue light blinks, so I assume that means it’s trying to pair.

*edit- and right as i post this it shows up in the unconfigured devices list! Half way there…
**edit2 -changed the device type in the IDE to Smartpower Outlet and it’s working

Hey @mitchp any luck fixing the temp on the motion sensor so that it automatically updates?

Now that I have one, I’m going to take a stab at fixing up the device handler. I may end up rewriting a bunch of the code as it’s currently a copy/paste hack of the ST handler. No ETA on this, with the holidays and all.


Does the motion and door sensor work offline in any way?? and what about the keypad??

Motion and contact will work offline if you set them to the ST device types. The keypad will not.

I replaced my battery for an Iris open/close sensor that i am using in my mailbox. The original battery only lasted a month! The new battery has been installed for 3 days and is now reporting at -33%. I am using the ST open/close as the device type. Any ideas on how it could possibly be draining this fast?

I’m more curious as to how it is working at negative 33%… That is one awesome battery!

Did you put it in backwards?


All of these can play a role:
How far is your mailbox?
Is it inside metal mailbox?
How many walls between sensor and last repeater or hub?
Was battery really dead or just sensor reporting wrong?

How far is your mailbox? haven’t measured but im sure that its a little out of range.
Is it inside metal mailbox? No, plastic
How many walls between sensor and last repeater or hub? Mostly unobstructed with a glass door.
Was battery really dead or just sensor reporting wrong? Not sure how the battery reports as the level declines when i checked on the meter it read 2.7 volts (3 volt battery).

So. It looks like all above combined. :smile:

@rjt246 I have an original smartsense multi (zigbee) in my metal mailbox and its reporting was erratic until I put a zigbee plug (acts as a repeater) in the garage which is in the middle between my hub and mailbox which is about 37 feet from the hub and another 34 feet to the mailbox. My battery is reporting 77% and its been several months now. Maybe a zigbee device would work better for you?

Iris open/close is zigbee

Oh, then I would definitely try a repeater.

Mine paired no problem. If I remember correctly the app found it, spun for a while trying to identify it. I gave up after a minute. I saw the I had an unconfigured device and there it was ‘Thing’. I’m using the SmartPower Dimming Outlet device type.

I get to step 10 without issue but I am making some assumptions. What is IDE and IDA? Are all actions being taken within the SmartThings android app? When you indicate “the device’s event log” I am looking in “room > SmartSense Motion Sensor > Recently” is that the log? I have also looked under Things, appears to be the same.

any help is appreciated, I think I am close, I can get it found and to Not configured, removed and repeat as needed.

IDE is found here: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment

And I think IDA was a typo… should be IDE

That is correct, so I just edited the post above to fix it.

The IDE is an important part of your overall SmartThings experience. You’ll definitely need to use it for stuff like this, publishing your our apps, and lots of other things.