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There - pulled in the code.

It won’t let me post. Says it’s more that 2 links and I’m a new user.

is there a way to allow the smarttthings hub to communicate with the presence device and the nest thermostat to automatically change to away when you leave your home?

Not sure if it can be done without a custom SmartApp. Which I built for that very reason.

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how can i add this smart app to my hub?

Same way you added the custom device type, but as a new SmartApp instead.

do u add it under the smart apps tab or the my device types tab?

I was messing with my SmartThings the other day and wound up removing and re-adding the Nest Device Type, using the code above. And now on my Things screen, in the iOS app, I see a little exclamation point in a blue triangle. And anytime I touch on that to see what it does, it just crashed my app. Also, when I click on the Preferences button in the Nest device, it crashes the app.

Any idea why those things are happening? Is anyone else having issues?

@Dianoga, is there any way to get the main Nest tile to show the current thermostat setpoint, rather than the currently registered temp?

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Yes. You can change the device type (change tiles->main to the tile you want).

@Dianoga Any response to my post above? I meant to tag you in that. Thanks in advance!

Hmmm…setting “Main” to “coolingSetpoint” didn’t seem to work. Here’s what my Nests show now (the blank tiles):

@jthurston422 Unfortunately I have no idea what’s causing that as I’ve never seen or heard of anything like it.

I’m hoping to be able to make a new and improved Nest integration available, but I don’t have any kind of timeline on that.

@Dianoga Very strange, I changed the main tile to display the presence, just as a test. Then I closed and reopened the app, clicked on the exclamation point, it asked for me to name the device, then it went away. I changed the main back to temperature and now its working perfectly. Thanks for that device type by the way, its awesome!

@Dianoga I’m having issues with mode changes since the last update to the code. The mode changes no longer seem to update the temperature setting on my Nest. I used to have it so that the temperature setting would change based on the presence of mine and my wife’s phone. Smartthings still changes modes and says it changes the temperature, but when I check the Nest, no changes were made and it stays at the same setting.

Is anyone else seeing this same issue?

I’ve been trying to get this to work, but get stuck on step 3. I don’t see where I’m supposed to update the device preferences. Is it in the code? My iOS app? please clarify.

Device preferences are set in the ide ( on the Device page.

@jpack Is there anything in the logs (in the IDE)? This version doesn’t have any error checking built in, so it will claim changes happened even when they fail.

I’m hoping a proper integration will be officially available in the near future.

@Dianoga I checked the log and it looks like for whatever reason it is ignoring the setpoint that I set in the mode change. It is always using 73°F (22.7777778 C) as the setpoint when it changes modes. I assumed it wasn’t sending the setpoint change because 73 is my normal setpoint. If I go in to the Nest app and set it to something else (say 74°F) when it changes modes it will change it to 73°F. Unfortunately, since it is ignoring the setpoint I enter in the mode for Home and Away modes… it means that whenever it changes modes, it just sends a setpoing of 73 and ignores those values.

I hope that makes sense.

Maybe I should clarify too since I think I am misusing the “mode change” term. These are setup as Actions in “Hello Home”. I have an action for “We’re Away”, “Someone’s Home”, etc. The action is set based on presence. When it notices both phones are gone, it performs the action “We’re Away” which should change the setpoint on my Nest.