Open doors or window stop A/C

Hi guys/gals

I’m looking for an app that would turn off my a/c when a door or window sensor is open. thank you

@patelvtp check this out from @Dianoga. Works pretty well - Nest Thermostat

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Would this have some sort of threshold? I wouldnt want my AC system cycling every time I ran out the door to grab a tool from my shed, or went to the mailbox.

i have a cycling threshold set on my thermostat but thats a good question because currently it would remain off if it hit the hourly threshold, not to mention the cycling on and off would be terrible for electric . If it had an option for x mins then turn off a/c to help minimize false positives for when your just running out to “check the mail or going to the shed” while the a/c is running, i think that would correct the issue.

so i did final find a smartapp that does include the timer/thersold support for a more complete app. thanks tslagle13

I haven’t tested it yet, but awesome app. Can’t wait to set it up. Perfect for vacation rental property! :smile:

Is this app still available? I get a 404 on that link.

It’s now part of his “director” series of apps - I use it, works great!

Oh, Perfect. Thanks!

For those of you with Ecobee Thermostats, I’ve forked the first project mentioned at the top by @Dianoga and made it compatible with Ecobee. I hope this helps someone.