Did anyone had any success with NEST?

I was able to connect my existing NEST to smartthings hub by creating a custom device type, then custom NEST device. I can see my nest thermostat on smartthings, but I cannot really do anything with it, since changing temperatures is very hard, and scheduling is not available. I was trying to use IFTTT to control nest connected to smarttnhiongs, but that did not work either. Any suggestions?

I’ve found that, at least on Android, direct control via the app is rather worthless. I use my Nest app on my phone - and am able to use the custom methods to trigger actions. The most useful for me is:

To correctly report state of “home” and “away”, I use this:

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Thermostat/window check is very interesting to me. Do I create 'Mysmartapps" using your code? How do I use them?

Yes - you’ll need to create a new app here:

You can populate the name, description, etc with whatever you want. Just paste in the code after creation and hit save then publish. It’ll show up in the smart apps list under “Explore Smart Apps” -> “My Apps” in the Android / iOS app.

Thank you. I did not know I needed to hit publish. I’ll definitely use thermostat/window check.

Glad to hear - if you run into any issues or have any suggestions / bugs to report - feel free to let me know either on here or file directly on github. Good luck!

Ooh, this is what I was looking for. I will give it a try. There are a few members of the household and they tend to leave doors/windows open and never bother to check when the AC kicks in.

Brian - any idea why I am not allowed to see the page above? I registered as developer too.

With nest making developer API’s official, is this something SmartThings is looking to go after?

Yes we are looking at direct integration but there has been a community developer integration for nearly a year:


It takes a bit of work to add these custom device types into your account but it is there.


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@Ben I would hope now that you can join Nest developer program which would allow ST to add Nest products to the officially supported device list your company would make this a priority.

Speaking from myself, I’m just getting started with the SmartThings platform and struggling with adding these custom devices, both Nest Thermostats and Protects. And since your company does not provide phone base tech support to walk me through adding these devices, that equals the type of customer experience I would think your company would want to avoid, frustrated customers.

Just my 2 cents

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@Ben Any idea how soon full integration will happen. I have two Nest and a Protect and both Nest are integrated using the above mentioned code. It works kind of but i have not been able to get it to run as smooth as i would like.

@imbrian Thank for the work on this it is appreciated

@Dianoga Thanks for you code on the Nest integration as well.


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So i have a ST hub with 2 Nest (top floor and bottom two floors) set up using this code:

And controlling system seems fine (‘goodbye’ and “i am back” are used to change temp settings on Nests although the Nest Schedule is also still running on each). The problem is the “present’ and 'away” does not seem to be working correctly between the Nests and the ST hub. When my wife and I leave the system triggers “away” consistently every time however it does not seem to pass to Nest’s. The Nest’s are still running auto away, which works after we are gone for a while, and also hold the max level for ‘away’ I have it set to 76 or 77. If I use the SmartApp to set “away” the Nest’s both ignore any max set point. I also don’t get auto recognition of “present” from the Nest when iphone arrive home; the Nest stay in Away mode even though the ST hub has recognized us and sent change from ‘away’ to ‘home’. Seems like other experienced this too? Any ideas? Thanks

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@natescook1 I seem to be having the same issue with this as well since the last update. The mode changes no longer seem to update the temperature setting on my Nest. I used to have it so that the temperature setting would change based on the presence of mine and my wife’s phone. Smartthings still changes modes and says it changes the temperature, but when I check the Nest, no changes were made and it stays at the same setting.

Same here. I haven’t changed any code or settings lately. I’ve been running the Nest without Auto Away and just using ST to set the house cooling temps based on presence. It’s no longer working and I’m curious what caused this, some backend ST code updates?


You might want to try reentering your Nest credentials. If I recall Nest expires the OAuth after three months or so. This may have been resolved with a new app or a change at Nest’s end. Anyone else want to shed more details or correct me if I’m wrong?

I have never been able to use these community supported Nest device types successfully, after tens of hours of trying. Please add official support already and stop delaying it because there is community support - that doesn’t work well for some of us who are less tech savvy. The nest types on display here won’t allow for both heat and AC at once last time I checked, only one or the other, but I use heat/ac most of the year, so they are actually cause the temperature to be set incorrectly.

This is not the reason for the delays. As stated a few different places, we need to make significant platform changes to adhere to the Nest terms of service which states we cannot keep more than 10 days of data.

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@beckwith I found out if I just ignored it for a couple weeks I magically started working again. :confused:

Do you have an estimate of when there is going to be official support? I understand the complexity of making platform changes. However so e sort of " get well" estimate would be great for those of us who need
"Plug and Play."

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