Noobie needs assistance with Nest away setting

Hello All,

I’m just getting started with Smartthings, and there is way more than I don’t know than I know at this point so hopefully this isn’t a stupid question. I’ve searched my fingers off and I can’t seem to answer my question.

I’ve setup my Nest with ST using this code:

Everything is working well with the device, and I can control it as expected. Now I’m trying to tie this into the Goodbye! and I’m Back! actions I’ve created that automatically trigger when everybody leaves, or somebody returns. I have the option to control the nest temperature when setting up the action, but nowhere do I see the option to switch to away or home mode, even though I can do it manually through the device.

What am I missing here? This seems like it should be easy once ST can control the device, but I’m sure I’m missing something. Thank you for your help!

This is how i currently do that,

So the correct way to do this is by creating a new smartapp (using the code linked as a template)? I thought this might be something done without coding, but it looks like my suspicions were correct that I needed to add a Smartapp.

To change the mode on a nest from home to away and back again a smartapp is needed. Just copy and paste the code in and it should work. There is no linked code template that i’m aware of. Most of the cool stuff in smartthings is going to require some code, either yours or someone else. you may also want to check out

Thanks for the help everyone! I think it’s working!

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