SmartThings Hub Version 2.0

And when is that again? :wink:


right, DON’T tell us when v2 is coming out, we understand you can’t do that… just when the sensors are coming out :wink:


LOL. Nice

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I totally concur with Bruce.

I am anxious to utilize local event processing and video streaming support. Cloud dependency is a show stopper for many things, especially security and safety. Cloud processing has it’s place, but SmartThings customers cannot control access to the SmartThings cloud or wait several seconds for latent events to occur. If my wife hits the alarm panic button the house needs to immediately lock down and notify alarm receivers. When a water pipe breaks every seconds is a multiple of the customers expense to repair the damage. It is a few dribbles and a bath towel versus a flood and an expensive catastrophe. Long live local processing! For me, it is not the ‘Internet of Things’, it is the “Automation of Things”


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Has the ST company figured out how much the Hub v2 will cost when it comes out? Is it going to close to hub v1?


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Yes it will be close to the v1 hub price.


Is it me or is this taking forever? I might just buy a small kit and upgrade to 2.0 later. It won’t be too hard or annoying to do if I only have 3-4 switches right? This will be my first jump into HA…

I bought V1 with the knowledge that V2 is right around the corner. I’m sure I’ll be able to pull at least 50% of the value back out of it.

It is taking painfully long. I am sure it is in the interest of making a better product, but I am impatient and want to play.

HaHa, We are only 20 days into 3Q. I always love 3Q dates because if you miss them, then it’s 4Q, and Dec. 31 is the way to make the goal. They said lots of things, but when I heard 3Q, my mind went X-mas, maybe. :wink:

May be Hub V2 will be a great Christmas Gift to our loved ones :smile:

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Let’s not joke about it being Christmas :frowning:


Definitely not Christmas.



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Wednesday is my B-day. A V2 Hub release would be the equivalent of a white Christmas in July.

I’m still playing with various sensors so I can wait for V2 at least a couple more days :wink: