Is there a timeline for official NEST support?

I thought that there was something a while ago (late 2013) that ST said they were going to implement official support for the Nest Thermostat… is that still planned?

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Now that Nest has released their official API, I suspect ST will officially support it fairly soon. I’m working on it right now :smiley:


Has there been any progress on this? I see I asked 278 days ago…

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Steve, I’ve been using the solution posted here successfully for ~2 weeks:


@jdiegmueller, yeah, that’s what I am using as well - ST has been promising official Nest support since the beginning of time. About a 6-9 moths ago it was “weeks” away, and so I thought I would check in to see.

For example, per @ben here (in Sept 2014), it was “ready except for legal review” - then, per the Vaporware Developer Guidelines, it was updated to “weeks away at best” here only to never be heard of again… If community members like @Dianoga can do one in their spare time, certainly SmartThings can muster enough resources to do it.

Why do I care that it’s official? Well, @Dianoga’s solution is great (and as an aside if it wasn’t for people like him in this community, ST wouldn’t be worth it to me), but you need to know what you’re doing to implement it. “Civilians” are not capable. Also, if the code is upgraded, you have to manually do that. Something not working? You’re on your own.


Your points are all valid.

A community devicetype is not using the official nest api and could break at anytime and is against the nest developer tos.

Official nest “powered by nest” integration requires a lot of legal junk that even I wasn’t comfortable with.

The coding is easy, signing away your rights is another issue all together.

I’d suggest you use the community nest devicetypes until all the legal details are worked out, if ever.

Meanwhile there are a lot of great tstats out there to try. Im looking to knock my nest off the wall and use something a little less intrusive.


As a nontechnical type just trying to integrate Nest with SmartThings, I agree with @Stevesell. This is incredibly difficult for the non-proficient. I’ve spent days trying to get @dianoga 's solution to work with no result.

Legal junk or not this should’ve been done by now. This just wreaks of management being pig headed about something or the other and completely forgetting about their customers. We’ll see what good that does this platform…

Since Nest acquired Revolv is this a dead horse?

It was a dead horse a long time ago, use the community device.


Can anyone link me to the community device please ? Real novice on this and not 100% sure I understand what I am reading half the time lol.

A link would be most welcome, many thanks

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@tobymarlow, I’m not sure if you got your answer yet but I think the link you are looking for (in regards to the community device) is…

Anyone can correct me, or yourself, if I’m wrong! :slight_smile:

Correction: Best community app: Nest Manager