Nest Thermostat

Is the thermostat also changing modes (away - home)? That could mess with it.

I haven’t used this version in a while so I’m not as useful for troubleshooting as I would like to be.

I do not have the thermostat set to change modes on its own. I was only using Smartthings to change the setpoint. Like I noticed, it looks like it is ignoring what I have as the setpoint and always sending the same setpoint to the thermostat.

(thanks @Dianoga for looking in to this)

@Dianoga I was playing around some more while watching the log. I can go in to the device in “Things” and manually raise and lower the temperature and it will work. It sends a [target_change_pending:true, target_temperature:22.2222222222] to the unit when I tell it to lower the temp to 72°F. If I leave it at the new setpoint and run the action I set up “We’re Away” which is supposed to change it to 74°F, the log still says it sends [target_change_pending:true, target_temperature:22.2222222222] … so it looks like instead of sending the variable that was set for the setpoint in the action, it is just taking the setpoint defined already and sending that instead. Maybe the code is losing the new setpoint that should have been defined in the action?

Which setpoint are you sending. I think only one does anything

@Dianoga I guess I would need to ask you that question. I’m using the stock unmodified code from github for the Nest. When I define an action in Smartthings “Hello Home” section such as “We’re Away”, there is an option to put a heating and cooling setpoint in so that the action would send that setpoint to the thermostat. The action change seems to not be sending that entered setpoint, and instead just sends what the thermostat is already set at.

is there a newer version of the Nest device type? That maybe uses the official works with nest API?

There is. But it isn’t available yet. So… there will be. Hopefully soon. I’ve submitted it to SmartThings and I’m working with them to get it approved and published ASAP.

can we get a non-official version of your submitted code? hehe…probably not but figured id ask

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Sorry to hijack this thread:
@Dianoga Do you have a Nest Protect device type as well? If so, can you please share it? Many thanks.

The official release will include Nest Protect support.

@Ben Any idea (roughly) when this might be released?

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@Dianoga I rolled back the code to the version released on May 2nd, 2014 on Github and no longer have the issue. Now my Nest will change the setpoint when I perform an action again. So there is an error in the newest code.

@Dianoga, @Ben, @a2thejay23
Before Samsung changes its mind to support the Nest :wink: (just kidding), can you please share your Nest Protect code?

@Dianoga will it have proper support for Celsius?

Yes it will properly support Celsius.

Any time frame for official release, I see revolv just announced support for it!!


I’ve be stalking this topic for a while but things seem to have stalled. Are they still planning to offer official Neat support?

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Yes we are. The integration is ready except for legal review - from both sides.


Just read this. Not sure if the developer program opens up more sensors.

Nope. No api changes that I can see.