Mobile device presence broken with iOS 11

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Just reaching out to raise some visibility for this issue. Searching Google yielded no results for smartthings + ios 11 + presence on this site.

Since updating from iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 11 Beta 7, presence sensing for my iPhone 6S Plus is broken. The presence location is only updated upon manually opening the Smartthings iOS app. This essentially makes any geofencing rules useless right now. It was flawless before upgrading to iOS 11 so I imagine some OS changes require changes to be made within the ST app.

It still works just fine with an iPhone 6 I have to test with which is still running iOS 10.3.3.

I’ve submitted my presence logs via the app to the ST team. Just wanted to ensure some more visibility is brought to the issue. @Brad_ST

Other reports of this:


I’ve noticed a lot of issues with location services in iOS11B7. B6 worked fine for most of my location services, but B7 seems to have broken something. My banking app is experiencing the same issue locating ATMs. I don’t use my phone in ST as a presence sensor, but I do with Arlo and after upgrading to B7, that’s broken as well.

The joys of beta testing software. LOL

Yes, THIS!!! I have been using iOS 11 beta since beta 1 and this has been a constant struggle for me. The Mobile presence has been a disaster for me the past month or so. Hopefully they are able to update ST to handle whatever changes iOS 11 brings. Because right now anything presence related is pretty much not usable.

TFW I arrive home and have to unlock my door manually…and in the dark. Le sigh.

i’m seeing the same. Beta 5 was the worst for me. I had to reset my network settings and location & privacy settings in order for it to stop showing me coming and going within minutes. My background location seems to only work about 25% of the time.

I was having the same issue up until Beta 7. Now mobile presence works about 95% of the time.

I had issues up until beta 6 or 7. 6 worked better-ish. Beta 7 seems to work so far (at least I leave home when I do - prior to that, I would keep showing as home until I opened the app)

This type of behavior is happening on more than just iOS 11 beta. It is also happening on iOS 10.3.3. Neither my iPhone nor my arrival sensor have been reliable for over a month now.

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Curious…It was flawless for me on 10.3.3 and I noticed on Reddit that others who upgraded to iOS 11 were experiencing this same problem right after upgrading.

Hope SmartThings sorts this out ASAP.

Same issue here. It isn’t just the smartthings app, though. Nest and many other apps that use live geofencing are broken. I’ve checked and all are set to “always” that are supposed to be. I have to manually open each app to force the location to update. It’s probably just a quirk that will have to be lived with until the live version of ios11 is released and all the app developers launch their ios11 versions to match.

I’ve submitted a beta feedback about it, but I haven’t sent in a ST ticket since it seems to not just be for them, and they may not be supporting that OS live just yet.

On a side note, the latest IOS 10 location worked/works perfectly. My wife is still running 10 and hers still works perfectly for all applicable apps.

Is it true that iOS 11 has that blue bar whenever an app uses your location?

thankfully they got rid of that in the latest beta

I am developing a background location monitor and I have no blue bar in iOS 11b7

I think it has to do with the app running in the background. I never close my ST app. It will work for a day or two, then it stops. As soon as I pull up the app from the background it sees me.

iOS may close apps on its own when it needs resources, so it may terminate it a day or two later. ST seems to incorrectly handle location while tterminated.

This isn’t even an iOS only thing… My arrival sensor, which the hub should detect directly, isn’t being picked up properly. I’ve left the house and come back 3 times now today and it still only sees that I’ve left once, not even a single arrival.

Yes, I’ve noticed that blue bar everytime I use Waze.

Ok. Let’s clear it up some.

Ios11 has def broken the link for geofencing for not only ST but other things. Remember the term “BETA”. Submitting logs to Apple with the issue will raise eyebrows sooner. So complaining and not doing anything about it, well is just wanting to complain. That’s why there is a feedback icon and send log button.

Moving on

ST geofencing has been a problem for not only IOS but android. The Problem has several factors.
1-lack of proper LTE support.
2- Android software issues keeping the app from truly being used “always” for location services
3-lack of proper software updates
4- and there are several more.

I studied this and worked on many things within IOS10. After I was done. It worked 95-97% of the time. Before working on the root problem. It was bad.

So submit logs to Apple but don’t always let ST off the hook. They know there is Geofence issues they continue to work on but with IOS 11 the culprit lies within there new Algorithms that selectively stop certain tasks when the phone needs resources.

Smug much? Whether the problem lies solely with iOS 11 or a combination of the OS and a ST app remains to be seen.

Who told you that nobody has submitted logs to Apple about this? You assumed incorrectly. I know I have submitted logs and others may have as well.

Fact of the matter is, this worked flawlessly for me on iOS 10 and now it does not while running the beta. This was the most significant change which yielded loss of functionality. We are bringing this to light for further investigation.