iOS 1.7.1 Mobile Presence Issues

I updated the iOS app on Monday (4/6) on the three iPhones of my family (6, 6+ and 4s), and I’m having major problems with all of them. They work when I set them up, but they seem to lose background location notifications “after a while”. The only way to wake them up again is to open the app which is running in the background.

When I had similar problems in the past (I’ve been using iphones as presence sensor for >1yr now), I went in the iOS settings, and disabled/re-enabled the location permissions, background running and cellphone data usage setting for the ST app; that always fixed the problem. I’ve now done the same a few times, but the problem keeps coming back, and on all phones.

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My wife’s phone but not mine. She’s been disappeared for two days now.


Me too on my wife’s 6+.

Also on my Android phone, a Note 4, which just updated to Lollipop.

Over the last 2 says my wife has been “Home” while at work 30 miles away. It had been rock solid up until now.


Looks like the app isn’t telling iOS to use geofence.

Solid purple means it used it recently… While purple outline means it’s using geofence. Smartthings is solid purple so no geofencing.

EDIT: NVM it has not moved to a purple outline.

No idea now lol

Tell The more people who report, the more resources they can justify assigning to fixing it.

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Yup, clearly this is a bug as it was working fine on my phone until 1.7.1. Ironically, it never worked right on my wife’s so I started using a presence tag in her car, which has been flawless. Now I might need one? Ughhhhhh.

Wow, mine got better after weeks of not doing well at all. Got notices of arrival and departure like I use to last fall.

Must be a fluke. Now I am going to go home and drive inside and outside of the geofence boundaries and make the neighbors wonder about me. :grinning:

Yea I was going to take a look tonight. Perhaps a rebootsky.

I just upgraded to iOS 8.3, so we shall see if that helps :smile:

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Even after the upgrades, it does trigger for me at the same spot.just came back… Iphone 6 and iOS 8.2.

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We have all Android phones in the house except one. Presence works fine for everyone except the oddball Apple. Always says it’s home even though it’s 150 km away. I can only get it to right itself if I delete and re-add. I have removed it from primary functions like Everyone is Away as the doors never lock and the house mode never goes to Away - lights and furnace stay on, Grrrr.

Ours has been spotty for a while now. We have 3 devices setup, 2 iPhone 6’s and a 5s. Mine works 99% of the time perfectly. The other two are very hit and miss. Both will leave and only one comes back but ST sees that both are back. Or all 3 leave but it sees 1 as still being at home. Very very hard to have the house “lock up when no one is at home” when it doesn’t know that we are all gone.

You have individual accounts/logins for the ST. mobile apps right and hope not sharing the same account between the three phones?

These are very basic steps. Reposting again…

Yes, all three have different accounts.

Thanks Ron; I’m well aware of those various steps, as I mentioned. The same phones have been working smoothly for over an year - with their occasional glitches and going through the well known steps to correct them. I also went through a couple of phone upgrades and various iOS upgrades; and all kept being manageable.

There is something different in this case:

  • The problem persists, even after the usual steps to correct it
  • The problem is happening on all three phones, not just one
  • The problem started happening just after upgrading the ST app to the latest version

That seems to be an indication that “something” did change in the ST app - which is now triggering this issue; but of course I have no idea what that “something” may be.

Really sorry to hear that @minollo. Support?

Yep; no response yet, but I’m not keeping my hopes very high about that either… It’s tough to troubleshoot something with so many layers and different players in the picture…