Presence problems

(Betty) #1

After a few years of very reliable behavior of my phone as a presence sensor, suddenly it’s not working right. My presence won’t update at all on its own, but no matter how much later I open the app it updates right away. I tried signing in & out of the mobile app, numerous phone restarts, changing location setting in 1OS & changing them back. The only thing that’s changed recently is that I installed webCoRE and changed all my automation to pistons, many of which subscribe to my presence sensor.
Any sage advice on this? It will be very much appreciated.

(Mark) #2

Assuming you mean iOS, have you updated to iOS 11 recently?

(Tim) #3

Maybe try reversing what you did to get it back to it working correctly for so long? I.e. uninstall webcore etc.

( I hate Mondays) #4

He most likely updated to iOS11 and that’s a toy breaker :frowning:

(Betty) #5

I did update. Has that caused issues?

( I hate Mondays) #6

Err, yeah… :frowning: do you use webCoRE?

(Betty) #7

Yes I do. I guess I won’t worry too much about it; next week I’m planning to switch to Android.

( I hate Mondays) #8

You could try this in the mean time :slight_smile:

I’ve opened the beta up to ease the pain on those whose presence isn’t working anymore, at least until ST fixes the issue. I have about 9940 beta tester spots left :smiley:

(Mark) #9

Yes, see the thread I linked to.