Presence problems

After a few years of very reliable behavior of my phone as a presence sensor, suddenly it’s not working right. My presence won’t update at all on its own, but no matter how much later I open the app it updates right away. I tried signing in & out of the mobile app, numerous phone restarts, changing location setting in 1OS & changing them back. The only thing that’s changed recently is that I installed webCoRE and changed all my automation to pistons, many of which subscribe to my presence sensor.
Any sage advice on this? It will be very much appreciated.

Assuming you mean iOS, have you updated to iOS 11 recently?

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Maybe try reversing what you did to get it back to it working correctly for so long? I.e. uninstall webcore etc.

He most likely updated to iOS11 and that’s a toy breaker :frowning:

I did update. Has that caused issues?

Err, yeah… :frowning: do you use webCoRE?

Yes I do. I guess I won’t worry too much about it; next week I’m planning to switch to Android.

You could try this in the mean time :slight_smile:

I’ve opened the beta up to ease the pain on those whose presence isn’t working anymore, at least until ST fixes the issue. I have about 9940 beta tester spots left :smiley:

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Yes, see the thread I linked to.