Location not working after IOS11

Well being the idiot I am I installed IOS11 on my phone and now it does not changed from Left/Arrived in Smartthings. Anyone else have this issue?

I have always used my phone as my arrival sensor and now it never changes.

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Presence is still working with my iPhone 6+ and IOS 11. Sorry for your issue.

it will fail trust me

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I know that many people have had issues with iPhone presence but mine has always worked without issue - on three different phones (including my wife’s) and multiple OS updates, over several years. Don’t know what the differences are. Maybe I’m just lucky. :wink:

I have never had a problem either but IOS 11 is an absolute problem unless you open the ST app a lot which I don’t. That seems to be the only trigger keeping it alive. Mine will work fine randomly but goes out to the weeds. Hope the luck stays with you!

I hope so too!

It will fail. Mine randomly stops working. 6+

Working fine for me on my 6 Plus.

Not working on my 6 Plus. I just opened the app and my doors unlocked as if I arrived home. Sent an email yesterday to support and only thing I have got so far is an acknowledgement. Location went from 90% to 0%.

Same issue with Location Awareness on iOS 11 (iphone6) here. Works when restarting the app.

Seems to work on my iPhone, but I open the ST app often. It seems to fail on my wife’s iPhone consistently after ios11 was installed.

Everything went to shit on my Smartthings since I update IOS 11. My routines no longer work correctly because my presence sensor via iphone no longer works correctly. Also oddly if my backdoor which has sensor on it to set of house alarm, long bear story, goes off from leaving door open to long while on porch I have to reset hub to get the damn think working correctly. Everything was literally running perfect before IOS 11. I saw multiple threads on beta issues hoepfully they will fix this like now…

There is already a thread open on this topic, please go there…

This thread applies to iOS 11 beta, we are taking about iOS 11 (15A372) which is out of beta. I understand it was an issue then and still is an issue now. Just want to be clear as SmartThings know that it’s not related to the beta and throw it out since it when live. I also have the issue. Has anyone tried to delete the app and reinstall it to see if issue gets resolved by any chance? It’s a pain to remember to open the app to be sure that my security is turn on when I go away each time.

Well it looks like Apple just released 9/26/17 iOS 11.0.1 to fix battery issues and bug fixes. I hope this resolves the location issue bug as well. Cross your fingers!

It did not help with the latest IOS update

Also not working for me on iOS11 with iPhone 7, nor my wife on iPhone 6S.

I guess it does work very sporadically, resulting in garage doors randomly opening, and lights randomly turning off, but then I wouldn’t define that as “working”.

I’ve tried deleting the phone as a device and re-adding it, with no help.

As of today 9/28, it hasn’t registered any changes since 8:30PM on 9/26. I’ve left and come home at least 4 times since then.

I have the same problem. Often doesn’t recognise when I have left or arrived at my house, without opening the app

I have tried deleting ST app and reinstalling. Also removed presence sensor and re-added. Neither fixed this problem on my iPhone 6s. I also have an iPhone 6 and it doesn’t have any problems.

I hope someone from ST is reading this and looking into a fix…