Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)


(Mitch Pond) #1

Continuing the discussion from Current Device Deals & Best Prices:

Motion sensors were also in the process of being set out. Not sure what was in the other boxes as I didn’t want to open all of them :slight_smile: I may pick up the motion sensor tomorrow and test that out.

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(Mitch Pond) #2

Here’s a device type for the contact sensor. Adjusted the SmartSense Open/Close to match up to the Iris model. Same functionality. A pull request has been submitted to include in the official repo.

This device is now supported by the built-in Smartsense Open/Closed Sensor device handler!


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(Matt) #3

Sweet so they are finally rolling out IRIS branded stuff that isn’t locked to IRIS.

(Colin) #4

Hmmm. I was to Lowes 2x this weekend and the pegs were still full of the old stuff. Afraid they’ll keep it that way until they sell more. Only chance they don’t is if they get orders to pull the old product.

(Mitch Pond) #5

At least this way if Iris fails, they won’t be stuck with a bunch of paperweight sensors.

Oh mine had plenty of old stuff there too. I was at mine this weekend as well, but nothing new (or clearanced…) on the Iris endcap. Looked like they were in the middle of an endcap re-set.


Lowe’s just joined The Zigbee alliance as a participant member last week. That’s a fairly low level of membership. But it does give them early access to things like the new zigbee 3.0 profile.


Earlier this year, SmartThings joined the alliance at the highest level, with a seat on the board. :sunglasses:

(Geko) #7

I presume these will not work with the old Iris hub. The new hub is rumored to be on its way.


(Jason) #8

I went to my local lowes to investigate.

They didn’t have any on the shelf so I asked because there stock online was higher than what was out. Turns out they had them I picked some up for 14.06 as well as one of their new motion sensors for 20.28.


Those seem to be really good prices.

If you wouldn’t mind, please let us know how they work out for you!

(Jason) #10

Of course, @mitchp already confirmed the contact sensor works. I haven’t seen anything on the motion yet, but I will for sure give you guys my impression once I get them both up and running!

(Ben Lebson) #11

I’m planning on going to Lowes today for other reasons, did you have to ask specifically for the new model or did they see it in their system and offer it up?

(Scott Windmiller) #12

That’s dirt cheap if they come with Temp too!!

(Dave Blanchard) #13

and low*s coupon codes are easy to find making these wicked cheap. time to pick more up

(Dan) #14

How do these compare in size to others? I just bought a bunch of Monoprice ones and thought i got a steal at 19.95, this is giving them away!

(Geko) #15

If you think of it, why sensors should cost more that $15, when LED smart bulbs cost $15? In fact, they should cost even less. Anything more than $20 is just a rip-off.

(Brant Fischer) #16

So do they work? I may go tonight and try to find some.


I just picked one up but they were $25 at my store. Obviously not as good as $15.

(Dan) #18

Do you know how they compare in size with others out there? I like my monoprice ones @ 19 but are a little larger. However, these are my first sensors so my guess is they are on par with the size as others.


For those that paid $15 - could you tell me what it says for the Line item on the receipt? Mine shows “690400 contact sensor”

(Mitch Pond) #20

That’s what mine was: 690400 contact sensor