Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)

I stopped at Lowes and they said no they don’t have the new ones… I don’t believe it especially since they have the current ones on sale.

I’ll check back in a few days. At any rate I’m happy. This means when I decide to expand my integration I have more options for stuff I can buy locally.

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Sorry new user here. Do these work ‘out of the box’ with ST v2 or do you need an app etc to control it?

Thanks all.

Great find, couldn’t find the sensors on display but found them on the shelves above using the item number. But they rang up at 25 for contact and 28 for motion…

The $14.06 must have been a placeholder price or something. Should have bought more… Oh well :frowning:

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I was afraid of that when mine rang up at $25.00. :frowning:

Oh well, that’s still about the cheapest you can find for one (unless you buy a kit like the GoMotion), right?

@blebson I had looked at their website and counted what they had on the shelf and knew they had more, so I asked if they have any of the newer model that would have just come in, and politely explained the new one works for my system but not the one on the shelf. He went and grabbed a stepladder and opened up a brown box that had them inside!

@Jkimrey As you see on the box it is 690400 for the contact

@mattjfrank I think I would check their website stock and if it’s higher than what’s on the shelf explain that the old ones don’t work with your system, but the new ones do.

I’m still not home so I can do a side by side of the GoControl/monoprice (because i have one) if you are interested otherwise you guys can check out These photos of size and my reciept for reference.

Also I think it’s important to note that the GoControl is Zwave, vs Iris Zigbee so really the zigbee stuff should be less than the zwave…

I might have to go back and buy them out if the prices will raise…


It sounds like what may have happened is the old ones were on clearance and since @mitchp bought some of the new while the old were still in stock they did not change the price from the clearance. Now that they are on the shelves they are fixing the prices.
Now it’s a rush to find some of the new while the old are still on clearance :smile:

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I purchased the Qwirky tripper (2 pack) sensors for $40 at home Depot. They work perfect with the v2 once you add the device type and they appear to be smaller and better looking than these. So, that comes out to $20 each. Although the iris ones will probably have better battery life since they are bigger and have a cr2 battery.

FYI - my store still had tons of the old ones and the new still rang up at $25.

Not sure how Lowes pricing works specifically, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a systemwide price change/fix this morning.

Been buying these up at home Depot here and using my 10% military discount. All work and pair great with ST!

Yeah I was thinking that was a possibility too. It’s possible the others got them before Lowes had a chance to change the price. I just checked my Lowes and they only have the old.

Still not a bad price at $24 but would be better and more competitive at around $20.
For a while the Quirkys were the cheapest I could find at $40 for a 2 pack but it’s nice now to see the prices of a bunch of different manufacturers coming down.

These are now the same price as the HD deal above and you get a free motion sensor with the HD deal.

I think these are great at $25 especially since they report temperature unlike the quirky tripper.

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Motion sensor is working great, switched device type to SmartSense Motion and its showing battery, temp. Motion is reset seems to be 1 min, Temp is reading 80F and Battery 100, so probably will take sometime for it to update.

This thing is tiny, will post pics in a bit…
iris sensor, Smartthings Motion Sensor, GoControl Motion Sensor

And it has notches for easy corner mounting:(perfect)


Are these the only new devices that iris is coming out with, motion sensor and door/window sensor?
It’s great to see they are now compatible with ST, more options always better!

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Holy cow that thing is tiny!!!

Thanks for the pics :smile:

And its also slightly angled with sensor pointing down…Will have to test out range and sensitivity and if it works like the other two, they will be replaced… :smiley:


i went this afternoon

[quote=“rag1998, post:33, topic:24367, full:true”]
Motion sensor is working great, switched device type to SmartSense Motion and its showing battery, temp. Motion is reset seems to be 1 min…[/quote]

1 minute to report motion inactive?, seriously?, that’s a lot…


most motion sensor defaults are lik 3 to five min

My 2 cents in my environment. YMMV.
Zwave: Fibaros
Zigbee: ST
Of course they cost a little more.