Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

Free according to the Logitech site.

I think maybe the beta program had a price attached.

Thanks Jkimrey, I just picked up 3 bulbs for $10 each (plus tax). You can save even more by buying discounted gift cards online and pay with a gift card. I saved another $2.11 which nearly covered the sales tax. Plus Target has free shipping.

The problem with this topic is that I keep spending too much money! I bought a Home Harmony Remote and now this!


We upgraded a pre-Home Harmony Ultimate and it definitely didn’t cost anything.


Nice! Thanks for letting us know. Personally I’m done trusting the Links due to reliability but word has it there is a firmware update on the horizon that might fix the issues, until they do, I’m personally not getting any more but that’s definitely a great deal!

Meijer dropped them down to $11.44 over the weekend, The other Link items also received another discount.

I bought 6 bulbs…

My Lowe’s is in the process of putting out the new Iris branded Centralite sensors. Just picked up the contact sensor for $14.06(!!)


Have you been able to pair it yet

Haven’t actually gotten home yet :smile: I’m guessing that it’ll pair like the other Centralite/ST sensors. They had contact and motion in boxes. Not sure what else was in there

Is this the one you purchased? If so, they are showing $15 online.


BTW - these are zigbee, right?

The ones online MIGHT be the old version that will only work with Iris. The new ones are different, supposedly

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That is the old one. Not compatible. I tried scanning the barcode with the Lowe’s app and it said that the product was not available. It would be item #690400

They are ZigBee. The box states HA 1.2


Will be interesting to hear how well it pairs for you.

I purchased a z-wave one and the range seems to be very low - was hoping to use it on a storage building.

With all my ZigBee devices, I’m hoping one might reach far enough (even though it sounds like they would normally have less range.

@mitchp, ok you’ve got my attention! Would you mind saying what part of the US you got this?

Northeast Wisconsin. Oshkosh actually.

@mitchp Love that part of the country. I lived in Central Illinois and Chicago for some time, and wife’s family is from Madison. The EAA was an annual event for us. We’re in the Carolina’s now, but still make the trek back up North to the Dells and Green Bay, but not during your winters :wink:

I’ll have to check the Lowe’s around here this week. Thanks for posting your find.

Ok, I can report that it does in fact work! Had to manually change the device type to SmartSense Open/Closed (likely the ‘manufacturer’ and ‘model’ entries don’t match, so not an automatic match), but it’s reporting back temp, contact, and battery. Does not support acceleration.


I will be making a trip to lowes tomorrow to investigate.

@mitchp, I think this is a pretty big deal with your finding, and potentially other new devices coming from Lowe’s that could work with ST. How about starting a separate thread specifically discussing the new Lowe’s devices?


Tanga has Echoes for $149 . Not sure how many they have or how long the deal lasts

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