New Lowe's Iris Products Released

They’re not a significant redesign, but here they are (just a couple of them).

Contact sensor is $11.24?!

Motion Sensor is $29.98


cool. looks like the contact, motion and outlet still use zigbee.

The contact is $30 on the normal Lowe’s site

If this price stands up, then this is a winner!..Well of course based on performance. :thinking:

it doesn’t :frowning: added to cart, clicked cart link, took me to regular lowe’s cart and its $30.

Yeah, I wish I was thinking clearer when I captured that image to also capture that price on that site, because I did a double-take too. My local Lowe’s is also $29 and some change.

My guess is these are going to try to capture part of the Amazon echo market for sensors. We’ll see. :sunglasses:

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