Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

Northeast Wisconsin. Oshkosh actually.

@mitchp Love that part of the country. I lived in Central Illinois and Chicago for some time, and wife’s family is from Madison. The EAA was an annual event for us. We’re in the Carolina’s now, but still make the trek back up North to the Dells and Green Bay, but not during your winters :wink:

I’ll have to check the Lowe’s around here this week. Thanks for posting your find.

Ok, I can report that it does in fact work! Had to manually change the device type to SmartSense Open/Closed (likely the ‘manufacturer’ and ‘model’ entries don’t match, so not an automatic match), but it’s reporting back temp, contact, and battery. Does not support acceleration.


I will be making a trip to lowes tomorrow to investigate.

@mitchp, I think this is a pretty big deal with your finding, and potentially other new devices coming from Lowe’s that could work with ST. How about starting a separate thread specifically discussing the new Lowe’s devices?


Tanga has Echoes for $149 . Not sure how many they have or how long the deal lasts

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thanks… just order another one :slight_smile: has the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch for $22.99 and free shipping. Enter code ZW2X2P5 to drop it down to that price.


Tiger Direct had the Kwikset 910 deadbolts for $99.00 for all of about 10 minutes. I didnt even get one added to my cart before they sold out…

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Not necessarily a deal, but for convenience, it looks like Best Buy will be selling SmartThings.


BB has a real deal on the HUB they are asking 249.00 for it.

Not much of a deal!
The original ST hub was not that expensive!

Has to be a misprint

Or it’s meant to be a kit.

Could actually be a great deal. If you’ve activated double cashback on Discover, you could use in store Apple Pay to buy it at $250 to collect the $55 (22%) cashback, then pricematch it to Amazon for $99.

22% Discover cashback on Apple Pay

BB PM policy

Has anyone tried using the GoControl motion sensor outside?

I have an overhang where I’d like to mount one, so it wouldn’t be totally exposed to the weather.

Curious if it would hold up for any length of time outside…

Best Buy has some Hue items on sale both online and in store (including Hue Lux starter kit which is a bridge and two white color only bulbs right now at $20 off).

I don’t know if this is accurate, but a store employee told me they’re getting new models in. That would make sense because Hue is releasing some new models at the time They’re releasing the new HomeKit bridge. Based on online sources the New bulbs Are supposed to be a bit brighter.

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Just posted elsewhere about BB not restocking Hue items - hopefully you are correct and it just means that new models are incoming. :smile:

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Best Buy is adding more Apple devices for the holiday season, including the watch, so I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t carry the Homekit version of the Phillips starter kit once it’s out later this month . That has to be a big gift item.