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@btk Thanks for following up. You are correct, I suppose it’s all subjective. But I trust you understand the spirit of my question. Of the two you referenced which would you recommend for a window type application.

Yeah. Would have helped if I hadn’t accidentally deleted my summary sentence before posting that.

Either of the two I mentioned are low-enough profile for me on windows.

The Iris ones are only 15.00. Thats a good price considering I paid 25 + shipping for the monoprice ones.

Careful, you want to make sure you’re getting the new ones (in the purple box). They’re around $23. The old versions won’t pair with ST and are the ones that have been discounted.


The new ones do? Ooooh!!!

Yep. Big ol’ thread about them over this-a-way:

If your ok with a blank plate next to the window you could hardwire a small door /window contact to the terminals on your monoprice sensor. And hide the monoprice behind the wall plate. If you have multiple windows in a row you can wire these in series to alert you if any one of them is open (you wouldn’t get to know which in this setup).

Peq contact sensors are back on sale for $20 at Best Buy.


Looks like you cant have them shipped only picked up at local stores. None near me :frowning:

Not available in NYC! :sob:

Seems to be the same for every city I tried.

Wouldn’t mind getting one and having it shipped.

You can always get them from here:


Thanks Scott. Never thought of looking there.


Out of stuck all over. :sob:

Do you have SmartThings?
If so, did the EVL-4 arrive yet?
If so, how is the setup?

I have a mode called maintenance. Nothing is set to run during it. You should make one called House Snooze. Suggestion only. :smile:


That’s actually a great idea, have a mode called “Maintenance” or something and then have everything else set to NOT run if the house is in that mode.

Why didn’t I think of that!

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That is a great idea!!