Lowes Iris devices up to half off in store

Lowes is changing to a smart device provider other than Iris and isn’t going to be selling the Iris brand anymore. They’re selling everything in stock for up to half off. Motion sensors for $20, contact sensors for $15 among others.
Many of them work with smartthings.


Lowe is throwing in the towel in their own smart home business. I think thats the main reason for the discount.

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I haven’t used an Iris hub, but the Iris products seem to work great. I can’t comment on battery life, but they paired and work with smartthings seamlessly. The motion sensor and door sensors have thermometers in them for whatever use you might have for those. And the motion sensor has a quick cooldown, 30 seconds to 1 minute which is more useful to me than the 4 minute cooldown on the ecolink one I already have. I’m going to try to grab a few more before they’re out of lowes stores. The guy working there told me you can still get them through Iris directly, but I’d guess at full price.

I’m not going to complain about discounts, but I do feel a bit for the folks who bought into the Iris system. “Iris by Lowe’s” attracted lots of folks. This feels a bit like how Home Depot divorced from the Wink brand but worse. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Lowe’s to find a buyer with a built in $15/month/subscriber revenue stream on offer. And I bet Samsung and others will take note. There are lots of related systems out there like ADT, Simplisafe, etc. those tend to focus on the security system aspects and less on home automation, though.

I hope this transition works out well for the subscribers. It would suck to heavily invest in a system only to see it evaporate and be left behind…

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Never knew they got married


At least most of the iris sensors work with other hubs, so they’re not totally hung out to dry. I’d still be a little miffed though.

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Do the 3326-L2 version of the motion sensor work fine with Smartthings? I saw on one thread that people had problems pairing them. But someone else indicated no problems. Just checking to see if the general consensus is that they work fine before I buy the ones in stock at my local Lowes.

Yes, it works perfectly in my experience. Paired almost immediately, and doesn’t need a DTH. You’ll get temperature as well, and if you find its not calibrated correctly you can manually enter a degree offset to zero it out. They’re much smaller than some others that I have and easier to keep out of sight. The cooldown is good too, 30 seconds to a minute before it will signal motion again.

The Home Depot has been the premier retail stream for Wink since early on. Nevertheless, I think I was getting confused with the Quirky bankruptcy and Wink spin-off. The Home Depot definitely still carries Wink stuff…

For what it’s worth, I just checked my store, and none of the Centralite gear is on sale. That might not be surprising, though, as my local store(s) almost never have sales even when other people are reporting huge discounts… :frowning:

try brickseek.com to search other lowe’s

Well, it looks like Lowe’s isn’t going to spin off Iris after all. They are just killing it. Bummer.

Whoops. Didn’t see this thread.

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I wonder if they will sell the returned items for a discount. I really like their motion sensors.

I was told by customer support they were sending the devices back to the manufacturer

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