Iris Devices on Clearance - 11/7/18

Lowe’s is clearancing their contact sensors and motion sensors to make room for the new Iris devices. Contact is $10 and motion is $15


Any locations that you know of that has them to ship? I know someone has a script to check but I can’t seem to locate it.


Motion sensor:

Contact sensor:

I have a ton of both near me but no need for any.

Second Edit: SmartThings ADT stuff is on sale for around 20% off. And remember you can pick up a 10% off coupon on top of that:


So they just clearanced out the -L series and now the -L2 is getting dumped right behind? I saw the post the other day about the newer series but wow that seems quick…not complaining, I could use a few more motions.

Thanks for that!

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I just cleaned out my local Lowe’s for 9 of them. With Military discount I ended up paying 13.50 each. For that Price I’ll find somewhere to install them.

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I just want to confirm that the L2 series do work with ST. When I check the specifications on the Lowe’s website it shows “Works with SmartThings” as NO for both the motion sensor and contact sensor.

They work fine out of the box… Maybe not for those users on ST still with AOL dial up for internet access.

Thanks for the quick resonse.

Hopefully it wasn’t Worcester cause that’s where I ordered mine online from! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks. I ordered online and went to pick up. They said they were $30 each because of new packaging? Lol.
Ordered 4 and confirmed at another location. About to go pick them up now.

sounds like they picked the wrong model #

Is there a new coupon generator. Mine is not giving good codes.

Well this is new for me:


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Working for me.

Just picked up a motion sensor, I got one of the invisible ones…

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Those are the rare pet immune.

I[quote=“kevin, post:17, topic:141587, full:true”]
Just picked up a motion sensor, I got one of the invisible ones…


:rofl:, that is hilarious, sorry to laugh but, you have to admit it was. You probably laughed too when you opened it. Can’t believe people are actually stealing sensors.


I think my wife had something to do with this…

Anyway, it worked fine on my mobile, and at work this morning.