Laundry Monitor

Thanks, I will re-install and play around with the settings some to see if I can figure out the issue.
Thanks again for your assistance.

@mattjfrank Thanks for the picture of the Aeon Heavy Duty 220V Switch. I got in install and working but having problems getting it going. What apps are you using for it and also didn’t you say that you had it set up so that it would notify you through your sono’s speakers? If you have it set up through the Rule Machine can you share? Thanks.

Ever since I switched from multi-sensors to Aeon power switches and have used the below rules for my Washing Machine and Dryer, I’ve received the proper alerts and it’s worked great. VDryer is my virtual switch. As usual, Rule Machinbe has been great.

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@Mbhforum do you mind sharing how you when about setting that up? I keep getting false where you have true? Sorry i just trying to learn Rule machine.

The false means it’s just false in its current state. If you turn the virtual switch on manually, it should switch to true.

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@Mbhforum I create a virtual Switch and create the rules but when I turn off and on the virtual switch nothing happens? it dosen’t change the status to true? Is there something else that I need to do? Thanks.

Please attach a screenshot of your rules.

@Mbhforum Here is the rule. I try to get it as close to your as possible?

Did you make your vDryer switch a on/off or momentary button?

I believe it is an off/on switch should I change it to a momentary button?

No on/off is correct. Go to the activity of the dryer switch when your dryer is running, make sure your power consumption is registering properly and is Greater than 4w.

I must be doing something that is wrong? I when to the ide and create the Virtual Switch? Does it changes automatically base on what the dryer is doing according to the wattage?

The rule states that if your dryer switch hits more than 4kw, the virtual switch stays on until it falls below that. You need to look at your dryer switch to see if it’s registering how many kW its using.

So, kW means kilowatt, which means 1,000 watts so 4kW means 4000 watts. To put this in perspective, 4kW is a lot for an entire house to be drawing at any given time. Certainly obtainable, but should not be the norm either, unless you have a large amount of stuff and people living there.

I know you don’t actually mean this but it is the second time I have seen you make the mistake so just wanted to point that out for you.

It might cause some confusion for others.

Yes, I meant watts. I am always talking about it with generators in terms of kW, so it’s a habit :slight_smile:

@Mbhforum I knew what you meant. Thanks for your help. With all of smartthing issue I’m going to way a while before I get into this again.

For those of you who had issues with the two apps mentioned on this thread, I wrote this super simple app that works even if the washer takes more than one ‘break’ during the cycle. It can be used with stock SmartSense Outlet handler (or any power meters). Notifications can be set up in SHM if an uDTH is used.

Here are my two use cases showing on the dashboard. When clothes are washing, contact opens, when done it closes and I get a text and Sonos announcement that ‘clothes are ready’.

Install the app from here:


Has anyone done a piston for this with core? My rule machine action got messed up with the recent issues. I would rathe do a rule than another app.

Yes. I do.

This was one of my first pistons set up, so there might be a more efficient way, but i have done about 10 loads of laundry since setting it up and it works for me.

Note, i wanted to only notify after a cycle, not after I opened the dryer door or something else that might cause a false alarm. This is the reason for the booleans. Otherwise you could just make a piston that says if Dryer drops below 5 watts; send push message and Washer drops below 3 watts; send push message

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Thanks I was setting a virtual switch with the rule machine one I had. This logic looks the same. I figured I could ask someone to post instead of reinventing this!