Using laundry monitor

(Derek) #1

I am trying to use this, but I am not getting notified. How does it know that I have actually started laundry? Because when I am not doing it, the sensor will not be activated so wouldn’t I be getting notified all the time?

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #2

it uses the vibration sensor in the multi sensor you attached to the washing machine… If the machine doesn’t trip the vibration to active, then the smart app doesn’t work.

(Derek) #3

I think the issue was that I had 0 for tub fill since this is a dryer. I put a 1 in and it seems to work. But I could see getting notified when I open and/or close the door when the dryer is done tho. No real way around that I guess?

(Gus) #4

I am using the laundry monitor app for the first time since I have an extra multi sensor. I check the activity and it is showing “Laundry was active” and “Laundry was inactive” every minute or two but no text or notification. I left the default times; Min cycle time -20 and Time to fill-5. It worked once but not again. I have it set for all modes.
Any ideas?

(Marc) #5

I have found this app extremely unreliable. I check the activity logs and it shows my Washing Machine is Active/Inactive and I rarely receive notifications when the wash is done. Interesting enough, it does a better job with my dryer and I am using the same app for both. Anyone have anything better to use then this app?

(Amauri Viguera) #6

This is the reason I never bothered with this, because there are obviously better ways to do it.

I’m using one of the community-created apps that monitor energy usage instead, combined with an Aeon outlet. You still have to do some tinkering to find out what your washer’s idle consumption is, and the low consumption in between cycle switches, but after you’re set up with that then it’s fairly reliable.

My I have a Kenmore Elite that sits at 0 when not in use and around 4W when switching, so I set it up to alert me that it’s done when usage drops below 4W and it works fairly reliably.

(Marc) #7

Thx. I just checked the logs again and it appears it took 20 minutes after the initial vibration to start sensing it again. I am upping the “time to fill tub” value to 20 minutes. That might help.