Laundry Monitor using smart plug?

I’m currently using a multisensor for the Laundry Monitor smart app, and it works well. But I ordered a pair od dimmable lamp smartplugs, so I will have a surplus Iris zigbee/zwave smart plug. I would love to move the sensor over to the dryer, and deploy the iris plug to the washing machine. But I notice there is no option for using a power sensor; there is only the motion sensor available. Hypothetically the power meter in the smart plug would be even more reliable.

Of course the risk of accidental “power off” looms… but perhaps a device driver could be written that includes no on-off function, that merely reports power consumption? Or perhaps a driver that includes no manual/auto switch in the app, but will only auto-off if a certain wattage is exceeded?

Just a few random thoughts…,

Here is a super light smart app that I created when I first plugged my washer into an Iris Outlet. Never failed to report when clothes are washed since I wrote the app…


Simple in CoRE if you have it installed?

Post deprecated lol

Update: I found Brandon Miller’s updated Laundry Monitor and installed it. So now that is running on the iris smartplug on the washer, and the original laundry Monitor is running on the ST multi (vibration) sensor on the dryer. First dryer load reported accurately when done. If Miller’s smartapp works well, then my laundry alert system is complete. Lights flash, android tablets announce status, my tv flashes the notification… :slight_smile: