Better Laundry Monitor/Smart Tiles

With some great community apps (Better Laundry Monitor) and the BNMiller’s Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch device type and app, I can now actually tells me if the wash is done or not by power draw.

My wife would now like to see that tile in SmartTiles, so I thought about a virtual switch, but that doesn’t work as that’s just on/off I think.

I was wondering if anyone had a app/devicetype that could show on off state based on a number, say 10 watts in usage = on, <10 is off. I would then show that device as a Smart Tile!

Thanks for the WAF assist!

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Rule Machine and a virtual switch. Tell Rule Machine to turn it off if under a certain wattage and on if higher.

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Yes, great idea. Thanks. Just did my first rule machine rule earlier today. It does so much! Thanks Bruce!!! (And Michael for the idea)

Better Laundry Monitor has a Turn on Light option, which you should be able to use to turn on the virtual switch

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yeah, wasn’t sure how to get it turned off automatically without other work, so being new to Rule Machine and being enamored with those options I think I got it right.

Thanks for the help!

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