Help - Laundry Monitor and Vibration Sensor Since Last Update

Hi – I’ve struggled with a couple issues lately and figured I’d turn to the community for some help.

First, I have been using two multipurpose sensors to detect acceleration for (1) my washing machine, and (2) my doorbell. Both were working reliability for months and months until, I believe, the last ST firmware update. Did ST reduce the sensitivity of the multipurpose sensors? This has been really frustrating. For my doorbell sensor, it no longer is even sensing the acceleration. My washing machine sensor detects acceleration, but only for a second which doesn’t seem to give the information the Laundry Monitor SmartApp needs to function correctly.

Second, I’ve struggled with a sensor for my dryer. The multipurpose sensor never worked, so I decided to use an Aeon Smart Switch Gen 6. I’ve used a device handler developed by the community, and it seems to detect the wattage accurately. However, for whatever reason, I can’t get any SmartApps to work with it and reliably notify me that the dryer is done. I’m currently using Better Laundry Monitor, but have tried different ones.

Any guidance would be very appreciated!