CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Ah Simulated Button. I was staring right at it. Looking for Simulated Momentary Button. :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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Hi all
I have my lights (Osram) set to 2700 kelvin almost all the time.
If an alert goes off, I set all my lights to 100%.
When I dismissed that alert, then some of my bulbs are set to the color purple.

In CoRE, is there are state trigger like, “When Alert is dismissed, then …”?
So I can create a Piston an conffigure myself what should happen.

Thanks much!


Is there a way i can setup trigger sequences with CoRe. i.e. The order in which the triggers are detected is important for these rules.

Trigger1 Happens (Motion is detected)
AND Trigger2 Happens afterwards (Door is opened)
After x sec
THEN do some action

Trigger2 Happens (Door is opened)
Trigger1 Happens afterwards (Motion is detected)
After x sec
THEN do some action

Thanks in advance!

Hi again

When my door is unlocked, I want piston to alert me, IF not me or my wife is “home” within 10 minutes.
Because that would mean someone else has our code and locked themselves into my house.

Door unlocked AND Location Mode is AWAY

Wait 10 minutes
If still Location Mode is Away,
then create an Alert

Hoping to get some help with a Laundry Monitor routine I found here:

I’m using a shock sensor instead of a power meter for my dryer. What’s the best way to ensure the shock sensor is open (dryer on) for 1+ min before setting the boolean = true. I’m trying to reduce the false positives of the dryer door opening or the dryer being bumped. I tried using the statement “Laundry Dryer (contact sensor) stays open for 2 minutes”, it doesn’t seem to be working as expected. Thanks

Try something like.
IF Sensor is open.
Wait 1 minute
Set variable.

Use cancel on piston state change.
That way if its just a bump the piston will not be true anymore and the 1 minute timer will stop.

Weatherstation Tile has now been update, after working with the developer, and it will give CoRE all the weather parameters including wind, wind_gust and UV

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I believe you would have to setup the conditions into groups so that you can have a trigger AND/OR trigger.

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Try using the THEN-IF piston.

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There is a FOLLOWED BY sequencing operation (enable Expert Mode and add the two triggers then click on the AND between them and choose FOLLOWED BY. No timing though, but you can use individual actions on the first trigger to set some threshold variables to cancel the act…

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Is either recover all pistons or rebuild all pistons supposed to erase all the rules from all pistons? I started to have some issues, and I did click rebuild all pistons, and now, all my rules are gone. Is there any back-ups I could do next time?

I seriously spent hours and hours setting everything up, is there something to recover now? if not, is there something I could do to prevent this situation next time…?

thanks !

My understanding and limited experience with rebuilding pistons is that sometimes running the rebuild once can mess the pistons up more than they were. Running the rebuild the second time normally fixes them all back to the way they were. Nothing to lose at this point.

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Hello, I have a piston that alerts me with an SMS message when a device battery goes below 25%. I’m using the variable $currentEventDevice but this morning when I received an SMS it said “The time battery is below 25%” where time was what the variable spit out. Is there another variable I can use that will tell me the device name?

This has probably been covered, but weeding thru the thousands of posts trying to find it is proving impossible.

I have a DO piston that triggers a beep on a keypad. I want another piston that calls this one every sec or so for X number of times. I tried using a FOR action with a WAIT, etc. But it still only calls the other piston once.

Alternative would be to execute the DO piston once a sec for X number of seconds.

Any suggestions?

Show us the piston pic, it makes it much easier to figure out.

Edit: Try $currentEventValue

Try a “follow up with piston”. I wouldn’t be comfortable with a 1 second loop though, it’s too short, with cloud issues, some unexpected results might crop up.

I assume that you trigger this at a specific time. This is why the $currentEventDevice is displaying time. $currentEventValue will only tell you the time that it is firing which I am sure you already know because you set it up.

I would guess your piston is set up something like this:

IF date/time HAPPENS AT 7 am everyday
some device battery level IS below xx%
send SMS "$currentEventDevice is low battery

Instead of that you should save matching device list in your section that checks the battery levels. Then send that variable in your message.

I will try the follow up. But I guess I’m a little confused as to how the DO loop is incremented. Do I need to increment the value? If so, how do I do that.

Here is what I have now… or example of:

Do X from 1 to 10
Execute Routine AAA
Wait 1 second

Do I need something else? And the 1 second may be an issue, but I can deal with that.


Does anyone have experience with Load Attribute from Variable.

I am trying to set the temperature on a Simulated Thermostat

I am thinking the DTH needs to be modified to allow this, but I am not certain.