Latest on thermostatic radiator valves

Hello all.

I have smartthings running with my Nest thermostat (thank you NST Manager!). I’m also running webcore pistons for all my automations.

What’s the latest with which TRV’s will work with Smartthings/Webcore? I would like to be able to zone my radiators (i.e. have downstairs heat early evening and then upstairs later in the evening, and only upstairs in the morning). I’m fine with the automating side of things, thanks to Webcore, but need to know which TRV’s can be added as a Thing in SmartThings.


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I’ve heard that Tado has good integration with SmartThings…

And,there is also Energenie (mi Home):

There is a new pop eTRV DTH available:

There is the Eurotronics TRV here:

The Drayton Wiser TRV:

And, the Danfoss eTRV with the following custom DTH:

And finally, the new Hive TRV

In any case, you may want to look into my zoned Heating/cooling solutions which can simplify a lot your eTRVs zone management for you.

For example, you can configure your rooms/zones/schedules and the smartapp can automatically turn on/off the right eTRVs and synchronize your setpoints based on your Nest (or any other ST connected thermostat) according to your own requirements (with some temp delta for colder/hotter rooms; you can also create virtual zone devices for easier control)…

For more details (and use cases), refer to the ST community wiki:

P.S. It would be quite complex to reproduce the same logic in webCore (more than 5K lines of code)…I have several contributors who are using my smartapp with the same setup.


EDIT: If you want an easier install for your Nest products (you don’t need to create a Nest developer account and copy/paste all the Nest permissions) and more resilience to any ST or Nest outages, look at My Next Manager:


Any update since, are any TRV supported natively ? I guess most of them are using ZWave, what about Zigbee or BLE ones if any ?

Thanks @yvesracine for the helpful summary thread. Thinking of adding a trv or two to my small london flat and intergrate into my webcore setup. Is there any actual difference between the options? Looks like all offer the same functionality so its really up to availability and price? The tado and hives are currently around the £45 mark on ebay.

I’ve a Nest but wasnt planning to link directly, instead just use aqara temp sensors given that Nest is not playing well with ST (is that still the Case?).

Hi, the eTRV choice is up to you as if depends on your own preferences and budget.

The Nest can no longer be integrated to Smarthings since end of August 2019 as the WWN (Works With Nest) APIs program has been terminated (as you may know) .

For the best eTRV automation, my ScheduleTstatZones smartapp is the smartest way to control ETRVs based on the concepts of rooms/zones/schedules. It can use any ST connected temp/motion/contact sensors to control the eTRVs. However, please note that the Xiaomi Aquara temp sensors are difficult to pair and may disconnect as they are not fully Zigbee compliant (I don’t use them at home for that reason)…

To try to reproduce this logic in Webcore is not really possible as the smartapp has more than 5k lines of code…


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I was interested to hear if @rzr got a response - are there any TRVs with a DTH that works without the TRV manufacturers hub/gateway?

Hi, all the zwave eTRVs listed above don’t need a hub. The Smarthings hub acts as their controller, but it doesn’t have the logic to control them smartly. You’d need a smartapp like ScheduleTstatZones to do so.


Hi, I use Eurotronics Spirit. Available as zwave or zigbee. They are normally around the £35 mark. I picked some up for €26 a few weeks back. No need for a hub. I see someone has already linked to the thread, earlier. They can ocassionally play up, search ‘eurotronic’ & ‘overheat’. So far they’re working pretty well, for me.

@wogapat, which version do you have? Zwave or zigbee? I am looking for a zigbee DH to learn from it.

@GSzabados. I have the zwave version. Does this help:

eCozy Zigbee Thermostat / TRV Device Handler

Thanks @wogapat, I know that one. I based my DH mostly on that. But I was hoping some other device which has a zigbee DH to learn from. My device has plenty proprietary things what I cannot really tap on and missing some features meanwhile on the standard zigbee implementation side.

I notice the spirt is back on sale for under £26 for zwave version. The zigbee is around £40 at reichelt.