Latest on thermostatic radiator valves

(hjro) #1

Hello all.

I have smartthings running with my Nest thermostat (thank you NST Manager!). I’m also running webcore pistons for all my automations.

What’s the latest with which TRV’s will work with Smartthings/Webcore? I would like to be able to zone my radiators (i.e. have downstairs heat early evening and then upstairs later in the evening, and only upstairs in the morning). I’m fine with the automating side of things, thanks to Webcore, but need to know which TRV’s can be added as a Thing in SmartThings.


(Yves Racine) #2


I’ve heard that Tado has good integration with SmartThings…

And,there is also Energenie (mi Home):

And, finally the Danfoss eTRV with the following custom DTH:

In any case, you may want to look into my zoned Heating/cooling solutions which can simplify a lot your eTRVs zone management for you.

For example, you can configure your rooms/zones/schedules and the smartapp can automatically turn on/off the right eTRVs and synchronize your setpoints based on your Nest according to your own requirements…

For more details (and use cases), refer to the ST community wiki:

P.S. It would be quite complex to reproduce the same logic in webCore (more than 5K lines of code)…I have several contributors who are using my smartapp with the same setup.