[Release] POP POPE010101 Z-Wave Radiator Thermostat (TRV)

I bought one of these and found it very had to find a DH, had to do a lot of seaching in the fourms. Ive done some work on it so you can update the interval and it sets the time weekly, as these didnt seam to work


Thanks =) Testing now

ive pushed an updated to alow alex and google compatability, it also supports the daniflos so 1 DH runs both types now

and supports voice modes
if (mode == “on” || mode == “heat” || mode == “auto”) { heat() }
if (mode == “off”) { off()}
if (mode == “emergency heat”) {emergencyHeat()}

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Just wanted to to offer some encouragement by saying this is my favourite DH for these thermostats. Everything I want to use works (not all do), and it looks the best. Many thanks.

Would be nice if it could show last check-in, or better the next likely check-in.

Also not sure if the main big display numbers are working as expected. Edit: just realised this is because I am not using Popp TRVs but Danfoss.

Thanks Ill have a look it shouldn’t be a big jib

I’ve pushed a quick. I just need to work out how to convert the Unix time to a readable format

Done with time stamp now. It pulls the next due from the frequency you set in the setting

last seen and next expected (in time format) done

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I am doing a research and I am wondering if I should go with the danfoss or POP TRV. Which one would you recommend?

I’d go for pop unless you don’t want actual temperature readings. Other one I use is an eurotoicics it has more functions but you don’t nessacrly need them

Thank you for the info.

Do you know if they come with some adapters?

Not sure how to find out if they are compatible with my current radiators. I have Honeywell TRV Thera-3 right now.

Yea pop dan and eur all come with some. I think they will fit. I had to modify one for an underfloor heating valve

Was just able to install one of these but cannot figure out how to use it properly I guess. When turning off the heat it does not close my valve but at some point it rotated a bit. Maybe it did not fit properly?

I had to put a packet between the valve point and the the proder from the etrv. Best way to check is turn the temp all the way down and after around 30min the valve should be cold

It seems I am impatient with the device. When waiting properly for the wake up interval all settings seem to be applied correctly.

I have a temperature sensor in the room and I want to open/close the TRV based on that temperature but I am not sure how to do that. Even when I put it to 28C it does not seem to fully open. The readings for its temprature sensor are not entirely correct.

@mark_cockcroft Any idea how to make this work in the new SmartThings app?

Edit: I saw your post for Hubitat. I am switching to it as well. I guess I will give it a try there :slight_smile:

I’ve it working on HE fine, drop me a line on their forum when your set up.

I had issues with the POPP TRV with the new ST App too and started to write an updated version of the DH that can be found here:

SmartThings/devicehandler/popp/popp-thermostatic-radiator-valve at master · rockberte/SmartThings (github.com)

But in general I have still issues with the new app. I’m currently playing around with Home Assistant with UZB and Conbee sticks. It seems to work pretty well after the first steps. So I think of moving away from ST as there are too many issues there in IMHO.

is this the pruduct ? trv
i got a danfoss and ZWE and Eurotronics Spirit TRV can’t make ST to recognize any of these