Eurotronics Spirit TRV

OK SO I’ve decided to order one of these:
Eurotronics Spirit TRV

and try and integrate it. It’ll be arriving on monday
I’ll be borrowing heavily from the Danfoss and eCozy DH’s to try and get this set up.

If anyone has any advice or has started making progress on this already I’d be happy for the input or to help with their integration.

Looking forward to getting my hands dirty


Got 5 of them, but had no luck with Smartthings integration so far. My first device handler…
Thank’S for taking the effort!

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I am new to ST ! I am new to all of this but learning day by day… :slight_smile:
would highly appreciate any help on this. think its a great trv, but needs a dh !

@dougalAgain where You already successfull with integrating this TRV?

I haven’t had much time to look into this yet but i did get the valve talking to the hub properly.
seems to have the same “quirks” as the danfoss, in that is only talks to the hub when it wakes up.
annoyingly it doesn’t support the wake up feature so you can’t force it to check in every 5 mins.
next step is to pull the info i need from the device when it does check-in and push the updates to config
(priority is to turn the display upside down and put it to sleep after a min to lengthen the battery life)

i’ll keep you informed

@dougalAgain great - thanks. looking forward to your findings.

This is a FLiR Wave Plus device so it does’t need to wake up, it listens all the time commands from controller and responds almost instantly. I use a DTH sourced from RBoy and modified by myself which works for most of TRV control and temp report. I can not publish the DTH as is based on copyrighted code.




OK, I like the idea that DTH are paid when done nicely - and therefore just bought the indefinite licence from RBoy. I fully unserstand you can’t send the complete DTH due to copyright, BUT: since I have now access to the original RBoy DTH and that is in it’s original state not 100% working for Eurotrnic Sprit:
But I kindly ask that you at least give signal what lines you changed how to make it work with Eurotronic Spirit (just the changes).

Interesting! is there a way that I can get this licenced? I am ready to purchse the licence!

hi Thomas, bare with me I am new to this. What is Rboy, how can I get the licence?

Rboy is a developer of DTH/Apps for Smartthings, he offers ALL his DTH and SmartApps in 1 license for 35 USD/life-time. I believe fair price. I learned about him by post above and that alexmihaila64 modified Rboys advanced but general TRV DTH to function 100% for Eurotronic Spirit. Please go to for details.

The Rboy’s original DTH does function to a certain extent for Eurotronic Spirit TRV, but not all does work. It has quite good comments, debugging and logging so it must be possbile to adjust. I am also somewhat experienced in programming, but honestly no time to dive into DTH. I am more than pleased paying for it.

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big thanks, I got the licence

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Thanks Thomas,
I have contacted Rboy to develop the DTH for the Spirit. I’ll update you if I get somthing going,

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this is great news!! thanks so much

Thank you!

I can confirm that the basic features of the Rboy DTH work with Eurotronic Spirit TRV.
Being no coder a customized DTH would be much appreciated. thanks to all

Hi All,
Glad to see there’s some interest in this device handler.
Those of you who have RBoys handler, awesome I’m glad there’s an out-the-box-ish solution I can grab if my attempts fail

Since this was an exercise in me creating my own handler ad learning what’s needed, I’m still progressing with mine.
So far I’ve got the communications set up (Thanks to being reminded that it’s a FLiR device - cheers alexmihaila64) and I’m getting reports back so that’s the major hurdle out of the way.

Now I just need to decide how I’m going to control the features and display the info.

Things are looking good.

When I have something that does more than report the temp in the room I’ll post on here