[DEPRECATED] Tado Heating Integration

Please see the Tado (Connect) SmartApp for using your Tado Heating or Radiator Valve Devices with Smartthings

parseMeResponse is undefined?

yes thanks, just saw i didn’t copy it over. im just finising off some bits of a new version, will be online shortly

Awesome… I found that copying the one from the cooling api works… can’t wait for the new version… will it work with my Echo now?

@paulsmitz version 1.5 is uploaded to github. as for echo, i have absolutely no idea as i don’t have one :smile: cant buy them over this side of the pond yet for reasonable prices but please feel free to donate one if you want development along these lines :wink: only joking!

Not sure if I’ve done something wrong but on the previous version (1.4), if I pressed the ‘Heat Auto’ button, Tado would go back to Auto mode. Now it just seems to stay in Manual mode.

i think you must have done, the new 1,5 version does not have a Heat Auto Button anymore??. now we now have an End Manual Button which will return it back to tado control

Sorry about that.
I updasted it using my mobile.
Now just did it again using my PC and it now looks as your pic above.
Sorry to trouble you.
Keepup the brilliant work.

just pushed an update which brings quicker device updates and also better compatibility with rule machine and Thermostat Mode Director, you will need to set the default temp in the device preferences otherwise commands which rely on this preference (heat(), Auto(), emergencyHeat()) will fail to work

Hi @Fuzzyligic, any way of using this with a tado multi-zone setup?

when you say multi zone setup? i wasn’t aware they had released this functionality yet! i was told it was coming but its not available yet. so do you have more than one thermostat?

it wouldn’t be difficult to get working but would specifically need a smartapp, i wrote a smartapp with the functionality to loop through the installed devices, but i have been waiting for both Multi zone support and also Tado sorting out thier authentication models as i was told by support full oAuth was being implemented.

I have 2 thermostats, one for upstairs, one down. Multizone has been available for a few weeks. It was beta initially but is now supported by the stock android and iOS apps.

1.6 looks to be working using smart things :smiley: thanks for doing this…

A couple of bugs =

  1. on my iPhone 5s the buttons all look a bit squashed but I guess that just means I need to update my phone to a 6s
  2. it doesn’t work with the echo :frowning: the echo just tells me that the smartthings are not responding

ded37341-dc15-4dfd-a22a-758cb58bd50x 21:26:35 BST: error Unknown thermostat mode
ded37341-dc15-4dfd-a22a-758cb58bd50x 21:26:35 BST: error Mode: HEAT unknown
ded37341-dc15-4dfd-a22a-758cb58bd50x 21:26:35 BST: debug TemperatureScale: C
ded37341-dc15-4dfd-a22a-758cb58bd50x 21:26:35 BST: debug Mode: HEAT
ded37341-dc15-4dfd-a22a-758cb58bd50x 21:26:35 BST: debug Set Heating temperature to 23.0
ded37341-dc15-4dfd-a22a-758cb58bd50x 21:26:35 BST: debug Heating does not support hearbeat
ded37341-dc15-4dfd-a22a-758cb58bd50x 21:26:35 BST: debug control, params: [appId:ded37341-dc15-4dfd-a22a-758cb58bd50x, param1:control, param2:40b79af1-9fc6-42d5-ae76-4d8ae671537x, param3:SetTargetTemperatureRequest, param4:23, action:[GET:executeSmartAppGet, POST:executeSmartAppPost, PUT:executeSmartAppPut, DELETE:executeSmartAppDelete, OPTIONS:executeSmartAppOptions], controller:smartAppApi, id:40b79af1-9fc6-42d5-ae76-4d8ae671537x, command:SetTargetTemperatureRequest, value:23],

Paul there are fundamental bugs i have discovered with 1.6 which i need to fix, i have fixed the Tado cooling one but this is on my list, but real life has gotten in the way. will get round to sorting it in the next few days


I am not complaining the device type works perfectly within smart things and its just icons (easily fixable by me), and I realise you don’t have an echo, I have included my log from the echo trying to set the heating to 23 degrees C. I understand you have other things to do. I am just wondering if you know what the problem is here so that I can have a go at sorting myself… my guess is we need to define a mode called HEAT to get the echo integration going… I am not overly confident with groovy but I am a programmer full time so should be able to have a go at helping here! :wink:

the icons getting squished is what happens on ios when you render a 2x1 tile. If you render a 2x2 tile the icons will look fine. Android handles it different. But I prefer personally the smaller icons so there is less scrolling needed even if they are squished.

The main issue with echo is because the thermostatmode state is being reported back in upper case, the capability is supposed to be lower case. but I’m also not happy with the tado mode being reported under thermostat operating state. And there is a load of other bugs. I’ve ironed out in the cooling device type. It won’t take long to fix. I need to do it anyway and if you can wait, I’ll probably have it ironed out tomorrow night. Obviously you can try and fix it yourself in the meantime. Just changing the mode reports to lowercase will most likely make it work with echo, unless of course the echo is looking at thermostat operating state

Thanks @Fuzzyligic, looking good - nice work!

@paulsmitz just pushed a new version with the fixes for integration with alexa, rm etc… Should work better now

Thanks stuart! works perfectly! thanks for taking the time to do this!

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