Heating Control with Thermostats and Radiator Valves UK & IE


I’m renovating an old house and will have a complex heating system with wet underfloor heating and radiators in 3 zones.

I’m hoping to have thermostats take care of zone controls and with additional z-wave TRVs to provide local room control in some of the older and less well insulated parts of the house.

I’m looking for recommendations for z-wave TRVs please. From my reading, it doesn’t seem that any one device works especially well with Smartthings.

Also, If I have a thermostat controlling a zone at a certain setpoint, and a TRV within that zone calls for a higher temperature, can smartthings override the thermostat or change the zone setpoint to ensure that the boiler and zone control will provide hot water to the TRV?


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Hi, This question has been answered before…

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I use the Genius Hub system. Good independent system that uses z-wave TRVs with a custom DTH to integrate with SmartThings [here] (Heating Control with Thermostats and Radiator Valves UK & IE)

The following is based on how Tado works which is not a Z-Wave system. However logically other systems should work the same way.

Tado sell both a Smart Thermostat and matching smart TRVs. If any single one of them calls for heat this causes the boiler to provide heat. If the Smart Thermostat is in a room with a radiator which does not have a smart TRV then that radiator would of course receive heat. Other radiators equipped with smart TRVs would locally decide whether to shut off or not based on their target temperature setting.

The best solution is to ensure every radiator has a smart TRV including the one in the same room as the main smart Thermostat. If the smart Thermostat is then in the same room as a smart TRV with Tado you can link them so the smart Thermostat sensor overrides the thermostat sensor in the smart TRV and acts as the external temperature sensor for that TRV.

The result will be if a single room calls for heat via its smart TRV the boiler fires up, all other rooms would have their radiators shut off by their smart TRVs and heat goes to just the single room calling for heat.

Similarly Tado support multi zone configurations using multiple smart Thermostats. This would enable supporting an underfloor zone.

There is a 3rd party app for Tado for Smartthings. Tado do allow setting the target temp of each smart Thermostat and TRV independently and do allow setting ‘off-sets’ to compensate for local room conditions that might be distorting temperature readings.