Kwikset Convert Zigbee $35 - 55 used on Amazon

(Howard Solovei) #1

I installed one of these today, officially " Kwikset Convert Smart Lock Conversion Kit (Amazon Key Edition – Amazon Cloud Cam required)" but really just a Kwikset Convert zigbee lock. Works great, with standard DH and runs all my webCoRE rules. I chose one in “acceptable condition” since it was going in the garage, but it was in very good shape and wouldn’t have been shy to mount it on the front door!

(Christopher Capitumino) #2

Do you have a link?


(Howard Solovei) #4

Thanks Groverland! Thought I posted this originally, but obviously not.

(MarkTr) #5

Awesome tip. I’ve been on the fence about adding a convert to my front door but for this price it’s a no-brainer. As a bonus, the motor is SO much quieter than my 910 Z-wave lock - I’m tempted to pick up another scratch and dent to swap that one out and sell it, since I still have the original lock parts…