Kwikset Convert Zigbee $35 - 55 used on Amazon

I installed one of these today, officially " Kwikset Convert Smart Lock Conversion Kit (Amazon Key Edition – Amazon Cloud Cam required)" but really just a Kwikset Convert zigbee lock. Works great, with standard DH and runs all my webCoRE rules. I chose one in “acceptable condition” since it was going in the garage, but it was in very good shape and wouldn’t have been shy to mount it on the front door!

Do you have a link?

Thanks Groverland! Thought I posted this originally, but obviously not.

Awesome tip. I’ve been on the fence about adding a convert to my front door but for this price it’s a no-brainer. As a bonus, the motor is SO much quieter than my 910 Z-wave lock - I’m tempted to pick up another scratch and dent to swap that one out and sell it, since I still have the original lock parts…

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Are these locks similar to the z-wave locks where it includes a removable zigbee module? I have Kwikset 910 with a dying z-wave module. I’d like to swap out the module with this zigbee module.

Thank you.

You can pick up the modules on EBay for around $50. That’s what I did when one of my licks started acting up.

Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus modules are not cross compatible with the locks. From the best of my knowledge, Zigbee are.

Here’s the zigbee module on the convert, if that helps.

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@rontalley eBay is actually where I looked first but saw that the Kwikset converts (that include the zigbee module) were selling used for $37 on amazon. Interesting, so a z-wave plus module won’t work on a Kwikset that was originally z-wave?

@MarkTr Thank you. It looks to be the same shape. I can’t imagine Kwikset redesigning their lock design to cater to zigbee or z-wave, but I guess you never know.

Could you provide a link? I’ll pick one up for that cheap!

It was linked earlier in the thread:

I didn’t have any luck getting this to connect to Smartthings. It immediately connected to an Echo Plus.

FYI. I bought a used one on Amazon in the Venetian Bronze for $11.47. There is another one there now for $14. I received mine and it looks fine but I haven’t hooked it up yet to test.

Got one, thanks.

Thanks for the tip! My original amazon order ($33 for the nickel) got lost during delivery, so my option was to re-order another one at $35. Needless to say I was annoyed with Amazon. Then I found your post! I ordered a “very good” at $14.64, and they waived same day shipping. I’ll probably order a second one soon.

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Where on earth are you finding these on 14$ or 15$. I don’t see them on amazon. And they will work without swapping any module (from ebay) with smartthings? I’m looking for one for my garage as well.

When you go to the Amazon link above click on the Venetian Bronze color and look on the right of the screen where it says “Used”.

got it, thanks.
Do they work with ST without any modules from ebay? or do we need to buy zigbee module from ebay and swap with the one inside this lock?

In my experience they work with ST out of the box (I didn’t do anything to hook it up with Amazon Key). The conversation about swapping modules is because someone is hoping to use one for parts to repair another damaged lock.

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Thank you.