Kwikset Zigbee Locks

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So i was super sad to find there was no zigbee integration with the kwikset locks (I bought the “wrong” lock). So i figured i’d take a stab at this.

I’m currently using this with the 910 kwikset smartcode lock (i tried to make it semi-generic): device type

things are pretty rough right now. but it locks, unlocks, reports battery status, temperature (whaaaat?). I don’t think its properly updating status 100% of the time, so i wouldn’t recommend relying on it for reports of lock/unlock status 100% yet.

I’ve only spent a few hours on it so far. I’m sure i’ll make frequent updates soon. Let me know what your experience is.


I’m using the 910, it is a Zwave lock I think not Zigbee. I’m just using a Zwave Lock.

Some of them are zwave. the one’s you can buy at bestbuy are zigbee (from what i’ve seen)

Just bought a 910 Zigbee on ebay! I’m excited to try it out thanks for making the device type @sebirdman

@sebirdman I found the conformity document for this lock and it outlines all of the clusters that the lock supports!

@ajd394 ooooh that could be interesting. Do you have the pdf? that link doesn’t seem to be working for me.


The ZigBee Aliance is updating its product database but the old one is still available here:

This specific product is:

click on the “conformity document” for the PDF

I got the proprietary control4 version by accident so im still waiting for the lock. However once I get it I’d love to collaborate on the ST device type. I see the github so Ill do that once i get it!

Just got my zigbee lock. Excited to try out the device type!

@ajd394 sweet! i just pushed some fixes i’ve been working on to the github.

@sebirdman Just sent an email to the Kwikset product manager requesting their zigbee implementation information! I have been using the device type and it works well for the basics! I am trying to get up to speed with groovy, ZCL, device type programing.

@ajd394 awesome! let me know what they say. I think the main things to get working would be changing the lock passcode remotely and a way to push updates to smartthings instead of pollling for status.

ajd394, you mentioned:

I have that same Control4 Zigbee Kwikset lock that I have used with Control4 for several years and I would ‘like’ to switch to using this lock with ST. I’m not clear from your post, did you found out this Control4 version was incompatible and exchange it for a ‘generic’ Kwikset Zigbee lock that does work with ST? Any idea if I am just out of luck trying to use the Control4 Zigbee Kwikset lock?

I was hoping to use the DeviceType by sebirdman to try to make this lock work with ST.

@bfmorgan i returned the c4 version without testing it. I would be interested to know if it works with this device type! I did some quick research to understand what make c4 zigbee different at the application layer but i is unclear. I wouldnt be surprised if they were the same/similar device.

I saw the device type code by sebirdman on github, but I did not have any idea what to do with it. I did a quick look at the ST developers info and saw the explanations of building apps and device types. I built the sample app to control a light from a door open/close switch and it worked fine with a light on my system, so I did the app correctly.

But for the devicetype by sebirdman, I could not see if there was any way to access it so I just did a copy and paste into a newly created empty devicetype on the ST site. But I am not quite sure on how to install it. When I go to install, the options are ‘virtual’ or one of the (non-lock) devices that I already have installed.

I thought that I needed to have a devicetype on the system (‘installed’ somehow) ‘before’ I can pair my lock with the ST hub. So I’m not clear how I am supposed to load the devicetype since I seem to only have options to install it for devices already on my system or for a ‘virtual’ device.

Am I missing something about the process of installing a devicetype?

Once you’ve copied the code in and hit ‘save’, then click ‘Publish’ -> ‘For Me’. That “installs” the DeviceType into ST for you to use. The virtual stuff on the right is for testing the code only; it creates a virtual environment for testing, so ignore that.

Now that it’s installed, you can pair your lock. It might automatically find and use the new DeviceType; but it might show up as just a “Thing” or unknown. If it doesn’t automatically select the new DeviceType, then go to the ‘My Devices’ tab in the IDE and click on your lock. On the next page, choose ‘edit’ and it will let you use a drop down to assign your new DeviceType. You should be good to go!

Thanks! It took a lot of time and trial and error, but I got the lock attached to ST as a ‘Thing’ and I manually applied the device type…
…it doesn’t actually work (when I take actions form the ST app screen nothing happens on the actual lock), but at least now I can see debug logs and maybe I can figure out whether the problem is a difference in the Kwikset Control4 Zigbee lock or something else.

Thanks again.
I will report back when I make progress…or give up.

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Good luck! I think there were attempts at getting other Control4 devices to work with no success.

Can anyone confirm which zigbee locks work well with smartthings ?

The official “works with” list has only zwave locks, no zigbee ones.

Yeah that’s why I asked. I think there are some apps out in st made by community that enable zigbee