Kwikset deadbolt question

There are 2 listed both same model numbers. I had to google and look them up to see the difference.
I brought them up on amazon and one says ‘z-wave’

and the other says ‘echo plus deadbolt’

The z wave is almost 30.00 less than the other.
What are the differences?
Im guessing the echo plus works directly with alexa and the z wave model works through alexa to the ST hub?

Is this correct or no?
If correct, is there any advantages or disadvantages one way or the other?

im guessing with the echo plus model it wont be monitored though ST so you can see in app if locked or unlocked…anything else?


SmartThings supports both the ZigBee and Z-Wave protocols. The Echo Plus only supports ZigBee.

So the first lock you listed is Z-Wave and the second is ZigBee. Therefore, SmartThings will work with both of those locks and the Echo Plus only the ZigBee version. Of course all Echos will work with either lock through a SmartThings Hub.

Since that is an older Z-Wave version in general you’ll get better battery performance with the ZigBee lock, but you are much more likely to suffer signal interference. In either case, I’d be sure to place the hub or a repeater close to the lock.

Personally I prefer Yale locks. This is a ZigBee version.

*As a note there are different versions of ZigBee and not all are compatible with each other


Ah ha…thank you for the detailed explanation.
I already have had the normal version of that kwikset unit in my door for 8 years or so, so it should be a direct replacement.
Do you know if the Yale or any other one would also fit? Is it a universal size with the striker and things?

If you have the Kwikset lock, the Yale should fit without issue.

On another note if you have the same lock you can sometimes buy a new radio to go in your existing one.

You can get a used like new module for $53.

I agree with @jhamstead, Kwikset modules start giving trouble after a while, Schalge and Yale are better options in the long run and unless you need a specific feature of Schlage (like latching or alarms), Yale is generally better overall. The Assure and AssaAbloy ones are excellent!

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Small derail, but how do you chose between Zware or Zigbee when buying stuff?

Depends on what devices you already have. Personally I have Z-Wave GE switches throughout my house so I know I won’t have signal issues adding another Z-Wave device. ZigBee however I have to keep a couple pocket sockets plugged in to make sure they all work correctly (debating a couple ZigBee GE switches to get around that but they are expensive).

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So since Philips hue are i believe Zigbee

I should buy mostly Zigbee stuff?

I’m pretty sure Phillips Hue is WiFi based. If the product says “no hub required” then it isn’t zigbee or z-wave.

If you have SmartThings, you can go either way on z-wave or zigbee. But zigbee versions costs more.

So there’s little reason to get zigbee unless there’s a device they have that z-wave doesn’t.

This is sort of the problem with Amazon putting zigbee into Echo Plus. Nice idea, but they just chose sides in the format war, and they chose the more expensive one.

If you are using the Phillips hue bridge, that forms its own mini network, and the fact that that mini network is using zigbee shouldn’t in anyway impact what you choose for your other devices. The integration between SmartThings and the Phillips hue bridge is an LAN integration.

As far as choosing zwave versus zigbee, each has its own pluses and minuses. See the following article in the community – created wiki:

Many community members have some of each protocol, you just need to make sure that you have enough repeaters for whatever you are using.

Read the following FAQ on wireless range and repeaters and it will explain that issue. In particular, read post 11 in that thread, then go back up to the top and read the whole thread.

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Zigbee isn’t necessarily more expensive, it just varies by device and manufacturer. For example, there are several zigbee motion sensors of very good quality which are noticeably less expensive than the Z wave devices of equal quality. This is the main reason that the Lowe’s iris motion sensor (zigbee) is so popular in the community.

Amazon probably chose zigbee for the echo plus because of the “simple setup” feature, which is not available with the Z wave protocol at the present time.

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Just to post the information somewhere, but Kwikset released the Obsidian “Smart Home” version, and it looks like they have made it sorta-kinda exclusive to amazon at least at launch.

That makes it seem like it’ll only work with Amazon’s crap, but I bought one and it’ll pair with ST hub no problem. I had to manually edit it in the IDE from a generic zigbee “Thing” to a Zigbee Lock, but after I did that I was able to control the lock without any issues.

I guess Amazon pressured them into dropping zwave for zigbee so it would work with the Echo.

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Hi, Are you able to configure & manage the lock’s additional entry code and view unlock/lock history?

I am able to see lock and unlock history, as well as if the lock was locked via turning the lock manually or not. It tells me that the lock was unlocked via “code 0”, which is probably the code I entered before adding it to smart things.

In the ide this is the information it currently returns:

battery: 90
lock: locked
codeChanged: 7 unset
lockCodes: {}
scanCodes: Complete
maxCodes: 30
maxCodeLength: 8
minCodeLength: 4
checkInterval: 7320

I haven’t tried to add codes via ST, but with the right smartapp it should be possible. I’ll try and do that this weekend.

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The new smart locks function that’s built into a classic app has the ability to do this. Go to your home screen and scroll to the bottom, it should be under smart home monitor by default.

Huh, so it does. I don’t remember seeing that before, but I always go straight to the device list when I use the app.

So yeah @ronin1 I am able to configure and manage lock entry codes + view unlock/lock history.

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which DTH works with Smart Locks? I was using [ethayer : Z-Wave Lock Reporting but saw somewhere else that that DTH wouldn’t work with Smart Locks, but I’m not sure which one to use.

Z-Wave Lock and ZigBee Lock work with Smart Locks

You can use the stock ST Z-Wave/ZigBee lock DTH. If you need access to the lock advanced features and you have access to RBoy Apps, you can use this Enhanced DTH which works with Smart Locks

I tried to pick “devicetypes/smartthings/zwave-lock.src/zwave-lock.groovy” from the SmartThingsPublic Repo, and get a " Access Denied We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation."

Any ideas why?

First some background. I purchased a Kwikset Model 914 for my mother. I use ethayer : Lock Manager and everything works great. I can add codes, etc and they work. No problem.

Then I purchased a “Home Connect Lock Module, Rf Z-wave Chip REV 3.8 for Kwikset Models 909, 910, 911, 912, 913, 914” and put it into my Kwikset Model 913, which originally didn’t come with a z-wave module. When I tried to add it to ST Things, it is found as a Model 910. Thought Oh well, and when I try to access through the Lock Manager program, it will not accept codes, since they don’t work to unlock the lock.

Perhaps the Chip isn’t compatible with the 913 lock? Even though the description said it was?

When I add a user, in Live Logging I see:
bcd5e48a-49ad-4034-9a45-299322c560f9 12:19:02 AM: debug No codes to set

bcd5e48a-49ad-4034-9a45-299322c560f9 12:19:02 AM: debug running load codes

bcd5e48a-49ad-4034-9a45-299322c560f9 12:18:57 AM: debug run code logic

bcd5e48a-49ad-4034-9a45-299322c560f9 12:18:30 AM: debug Received: s:1 c:12345

bcd5e48a-49ad-4034-9a45-299322c560f9 12:18:30 AM: debug 1 Bob now has access to 296 Front Door

bcd5e48a-49ad-4034-9a45-299322c560f9 12:18:29 AM: debug Received: s:1 c:12345

0599184c-971d-4275-939f-2985c721ba92 12:18:29 AM: debug "zw device: 02, command: 9881, payload: 00 63 03 01 01 31 32 33 34 35 " parsed to [[‘name’:‘codeReport’, ‘value’:1, ‘data’:[‘code’:‘12345’], ‘isStateChange’:true, ‘descriptionText’:296 Front Door code 1 is set, ‘displayed’:true, ‘linkText’:‘296 Front Door’]]

0599184c-971d-4275-939f-2985c721ba92 12:18:29 AM: debug code report parsed to [[‘name’:‘codeReport’, ‘value’:1, ‘data’:[‘code’:‘12345’], ‘isStateChange’:true, ‘descriptionText’:296 Front Door code 1 is set, ‘displayed’:true, ‘linkText’:‘296 Front Door’]]

0599184c-971d-4275-939f-2985c721ba92 12:18:29 AM: debug "zw device: 02, command: 9881, payload: 00 71 05 70 01 " parsed to [[‘name’:‘codeChanged’, ‘value’:1, ‘descriptionText’:296 Front Door code 1 changed, ‘isStateChange’:true, ‘displayed’:true, ‘linkText’:‘296 Front Door’], 988100630201]

0599184c-971d-4275-939f-2985c721ba92 12:18:29 AM: debug "zw device: 02, command: 9881, payload: 00 71 05 70 01 " parsed to [[‘name’:‘codeChanged’, ‘value’:1, ‘descriptionText’:296 Front Door code 1 changed, ‘isStateChange’:true, ‘displayed’:true, ‘linkText’:‘296 Front Door’], 988100630201]

bcd5e48a-49ad-4034-9a45-299322c560f9 12:18:27 AM: debug update: [[“code1”,“12345”]]

bcd5e48a-49ad-4034-9a45-299322c560f9 12:18:27 AM: debug null:12345 s:1

bcd5e48a-49ad-4034-9a45-299322c560f9 12:18:27 AM: debug running load codes

0599184c-971d-4275-939f-2985c721ba92 12:18:27 AM: debug setting code 1 to 12345

0599184c-971d-4275-939f-2985c721ba92 12:18:27 AM: debug code1 was , set to 12345

bcd5e48a-49ad-4034-9a45-299322c560f9 12:18:22 AM: debug run code logic

bcd5e48a-49ad-4034-9a45-299322c560f9 12:18:22 AM: debug run lock data setup

5d687bb7-acb5-417e-8190-701b56e952bb 12:18:12 AM: debug User asking for lock init

5d687bb7-acb5-417e-8190-701b56e952bb 12:18:12 AM: debug Initialize lock data for user.

5d687bb7-acb5-417e-8190-701b56e952bb 12:18:12 AM: debug Updated with settings: [userSlot:1, userEnabled:true, userCode:12345, userName:1 Bob]

5d687bb7-acb5-417e-8190-701b56e952bb 12:18:12 AM: debug Updated with settings: [userSlot:1, userEnabled:true, userCode:12345, userName:1 Bob]

5d687bb7-acb5-417e-8190-701b56e952bb 12:18:09 AM: debug Initialize lock data for user.

5d687bb7-acb5-417e-8190-701b56e952bb 12:18:06 AM: debug Initialize lock data for user.

But strangely, I can lock and unlock by using the instance of the lock that show up in My Home>Things in the ST Classic App

Also the data that shows up under Current Statesfor the two devices in IDE is vastly different.

For the 914 I see:

For my 913 I see: