Kwikset Convert Zigbee $35 - 55 used on Amazon

Just keep in mind that these are NOT LOCKS. These just go over the knob of your current lock on the inside of the door. Great to autolock the door. With no exterior keypad however, you’re SOL if you don’t have your key & internet is out.

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I’d probably say the Convert is very similar to August “locks” in this sense. It replaces the backing plate of the deadbolt that would normally be on the inside of the house.

Unlike, the other kwiksets that have the keypad, this version seems to be semi universal in that it can be used with kwikset, schlage, and one other deadbolt I can’t remember.

Since it’s zigbee, it doesn’t necessarily need internet though. But if the battery dies, you’re also SOL.

Except if internet is down there’s no connection from your phone to your hub to tell the lock to open.

Yes, for most purposes you still need to go through the ST hub, but can’t you connect a zigbee remote directly to any zigbee device bypassing the ST hub thus not needing the internet? Isn’t that how it was done in the old days?

I got mine today. Mine was just detected as a zigbee “Thing”. What DH are you using?

Look for Zigbee lock in IDE.

After one lost order and one wrong item shipped, I finally received my convert from amazon. The swap was pretty straight forward. Once the lock was added I changed the DH from the generic thing to Zigbee Lock in IDE. Works well. It even works with rboy’s Lock user management smart app.


Good news!

It’ll be interesting to see if the Zigbee module continues to work well over time. If it does, that means that the yellow light near the ‘A’ button that Kwikset Support said indicated a potentially bad motherboard was not correct in this case. It also would possibly mean that there seem to be a lot of bad Kwikset Z-Wave modules.

Fingers crossed for you.

Anyone get this to show up or work with Google Home?

@LeicaM4, to confirm, this lock comes with the Zigbee module, right? If so, this is a deal I can’t pass up.

Yes, it is Zigbee.

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Out of curiosity, I dropped the old z-wave module into the convert and installed it on my back door. It wouldn’t pair initially but while adding my spare z-wave repeater both paired. It’s been about 14 hours now, and it hasn’t gone offline yet.

What does this all mean? Could it have just been the location this whole time? The back door is much further away from the hub. Maybe after some time the z-wave module will fail again.

That’s pretty odd. There’s a lot of potential variables in play here; motherboard, communications board (Z-Wave or Zigbee), mesh strengths, interference, distance to hub, distance to other repeaters, etc, etc. So, it’s hard to tell what the issue is/was.

In my case, it certainly appears that it was a Kwikset motherboard issue because:

  • the lock worked fine for over a year before starting fail
  • I swapped out the Z-Wave module without any long-term improvement
  • the yellow light near the ‘A’ button that support said was an indication of a bad motherboard (which kinda matches that the swapped module didn’t help)
  • dropping offline with increasing frequency (from 1-2 days increasing to .5 to 1 hours between)
  • my new Schlage Z-Wave lock now runs fine in the same spot, and same exact environment as the former Kwikset lock that had continual and increasing issues.

Based on all of that, I was afraid that replacing the 2nd Z-Wave module with a Zigbee module wouldn’t make things better since I believe the issue was the lock itself - specifically the motherboard. Since you’ve replaced yours with early success, I’m happy for you but at a loss to reconcile everything in my head. I hope your choice continues to work out.

Thanks @fubka, I ordered one. I’m looking forward to seeing how well this works. All I need is just unlock and lock status with the ability to control it. Super simple.

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Figured it out, setup a virtual device and have the lock mirror its commands.

I got mine today and promptly returned it with 10 minutes. The condition on Amazon’s site (Used - Very Good. Item will come in original packaging. ) isn’t what I received. It was literally thrown into a box, with just 2 of those little airbags. It came all scratched up, with absolutely no screws, or any of the adapters. It was just the assembly, cover, and mounting plate.

I found a Like New used one, so we’ll see how the next one looks when it gets here on Friday.

I had a similar confusing set of orders. I ordered two converts, one described as very good and one as like new. The first order, the very good one, included a bubble wrapped lock with everything compartmentalized and all the accessories were still sealed. The like new one included the lock floating around freely in its packaging. A couple of the screw baggies were opened. I’m not sure if there was anything missing because I just removed the module from the lock. But definitely overall in worse condition than the very good described one.

But before those orders, I had tried ordering it twice before. I ordered one nickel convert (before I heard about the cheaper bronze version) which got lost during transit. They gave me a refund so I then tried ordering the bronze convert. Instead they shipped me an Ultraloq smart door knob. Again they gave me a refund but let me keep the incorrect order.

In the end, for $35, I fixed one broken Kwikset 910, added a smart lock to my back door, and added a fingerprint scanning smart door knob to my office door!

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That’s hilarious! I made sure that description said like new, and in original packaging, just slightly damaged. I paid $5 more than the one I returned, so hopefully I’ll be good.

I really want to replace my August Pro zwave lock with a zigbee lock, and if this works out, I’ll spring for a brand new one. Fingers crossed!

I ordered two and had similar results. The “like new” one was without the original box and most of everything was in a bag, including batteries which were never opened. The “good” one was with original box and batteries were opened. You could see that people may have had issued either installing or pairing as both of mine were in predestine condition with no indication of actual use. My deadbolts are Home Depot Defiant band but adapter option A fits so that it works but its not a 100% fit.


@LeicaM4 or @fubka, did you guys have any difficulties pairing your lock? Mine came in, and it’s in great condition, but I can’t get the lock to pair. Any tips? I reset the lock, and still nothing.

EDIT: Scratch that. Replaced the batteries and did a factory reset. All is good now!

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