Kwikset Convert $30 from Woot

Woot has Kwikset Convert kits for $30. They’re labeled as Amazon Key edition and there’s some scary text saying that they have to be connected via an Amazon Cloud Cam, but I bought one as open-box stock from Amazon Warehouse a year or two ago and it connected directly to ST via Zigbee with no issues. Great deal.

Venetian Bronze:

Satin Nickel:


Here’s a past conversation about using the Amazon Key edition:

I have 2 of these and love them.

Thanks! Picked up 2.Too good of a deal to pass up!

I have one that keeps loosing connection and another one that is z-wave plus instead of a-wave so it doesn’t work with the z-wave housing.

This should fix both issues for just $60. Can’t beat it.


Thanks for the tip, I ordered one too.