Hue Hub conflict

I’m hoping that someone can help me here. I tried my luck with tech support but they say it’s basically broken and not working. They are trying to work with Hue to resolve the issue. I am beyond speechless at this and my ST hub is basically a useless brick.

I had around 5-7 hue bulbs, and some other smart devices prior to a week ago. I have the latest ST hub and Hue hub. Everything worked well. I was able to use the Hue app on my iphone and ST app as well on my iphone. I setup some automations with ST to turn on lights at certain times a day. Life was good…

I decided to step up my Hue game and got 20 more light bulbs to so some more automation. I spent a while getting these all setup with my Hue hub & app. The Hue setup was great and worked fine. All my new bulbs worked as expected.

I also was working with my ST app, and it could see my new bulbs just fine. I was setting up rooms, and doing some new automations for my new lights. Things were working great!

Yesterday I added 4 new bulbs to the mix. I got them setup fine on my Hue hub. Then I had to go out to lunch… As I was leaving, my ST app notified me my hub was offline! What? Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be back by the time I’m home… Well, no dice! I tried everything: reset ST, reset Hue, rebooted router. Did that all multiple times and in different order.

ST support said to try to remove Hue hub to see if ST hub could hold a connection. Then it worked! ST was back online. Held steady for quite a while. I put the Hue hub back online, and ST hub then went back offline.

So, there is a direct conflict here! I can’t have both hubs online now - how can this be? Hue bulbs are worthless with no hub, so ST hub is now a useless brick. ST support said they know of the issue, but there is no fix? Really? I google, and I see nobody discussing this issue. I’d think this would be a huge problem, I would think a good number of ST owners also have Hue bulbs? Anyways, hoping someone on here possibly has had this issue and been able to work through for a fix. It’s making me crazy that it’s not working right now. Thank you.

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@wright, @tslagle13

Same thing happened to me following the hotfix released yesterday. I physically unplugged my Hue hub for 4 hours (which allowed ST Hub to reconnect), and then after a 4 hour period reconnected my hue hub without further incident. It has been running normally for over 12 hours without any further problems. I did restart the ST Hub after unplugging the Hue hub (and plugged in the Hue 4 hours later).

I have also reported this behavior to support!

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Thanks - will give that a shot as well. Frustrated with ST support giving the standard answers like they will work on it… I’d think there would be a serious high priority to this?


I also have the conflict with Hue and Smartthings. Happened after their scheduled update. We have confirmed that conflict several times. Support stated they are working on it. I’ve been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. I haven’t heard from them in a while so I figured I’d look online.

Bryan, I’m very curious to see if my hub will start working again now if I plug Hue back in. I’ll give it a shot.

Wright, one small thing I can offer you and anyone else having this problem is knowledge that Hue can work without the internet or network. They key to this is you must have a hue network switch (for example, the Hue Taps). You can’t use your phone of course and no automation, but we’ve been able to at least function that way.

Anyway, here’s to hoping for a very speedy fix! :wink:


Not sure how long it really needs to be unplugged, but I assume that it is an issue of the ST Hub and Hue Hub attempting to validate from what I could see in live logging. The steps I took to restore a functional Hue Hub are as follows:

  1. Unplug the Hue Hub (Power Plug) completely.
  2. While Hue Hub is unplugged reset or unplug ST Power Cord (including the removal of batteries).
  3. Wait for ST Hub to display GREEN LED in front after resetting or plugging unit back in to A/C.
  4. Wait for 4 hours with Hue Hub unplugged from wall (at least in my case). Your mileage may vary!?
  5. Plug Hue Hub back in after long wait – PRESTO MAGIC!

Hope it works for you, but if not @Ciscoheat has the next best option! I feel your pain, I have 40 hue bulbs throughout the house that I am controlling through CoRE.


Try giving each hub a fixed IP address on your router.

Good point! I have fixed ip for the hue hub, but not the ST.

same problem here…I have about 40 hue bulbs that are now useless if I want to keep ST going. I have tried to keep Hue offline for a while, get ST back online then reset Hue and all is fine until I trigger any bulb on or off then ST goes offline again. This is really unacceptable.

I have hue and ST hub both with a fixed ip. I have not had this problem yet, however ever time I read something about hue messing up I most likely get the same problem 2 to 3 days later after reading it on ST page. Anyone know why this is happening? If you have a fix ip will you get the problem? Also can anyone confirm 100% unplugging the hue hub for 4 hours is the fix? Just curious here.

Hi all, thanks for the replies and updates on this. I’ve tried a number of things based on these suggestions.

I took down the Hue hub for a longer time. I just left it unplugged overnight (figured more than the 4 hours suggestion).

ST hub stayed up during this entire time.

I plugged Hue hub back in this morning, and ST then went down. FRUSTRATION!!!

Then I decided to investigate the IP address ideas. I didn’t have them set to static IPs. I used the Fing app from the iOS store to help figure out what IP addresses that they were using, then went into my Apple router, and assigned them those IPs so they did not have a conflict. They each now have their own specific IP addresses reserved. My router had already assigned them separate IPs, but I think this will help to ensure they are not going to conflict. Regardless it’s worth a try to help this situation…

I then rebooted the Hue bridge, then rebooted the ST bridge after the Hue bridge was back and operational.

I then went into my ST app on iphone, and it said the ST bridge was up, however it also said my Hue bridge was down (which was not true). I then tried to control my lights within ST app, and it worked, and Hue bridge then said online. So… holding breath… it’s currently working.

I am leaving for a few hours, so will report back if anything goes wrong. It seems that things are back and working again.

Ok, well… I got excited for no reason. Soon after saying all was well on this board, my ST hub went down again. So, all of the solution ideas posted by everyone - I’ve tried them all, and no dice for me. Bummer.

Thinking I may just do a factory reset on the ST hub, and see if by chance that gets me going again. I don’t have very many non- Hue bulb things, so it’s not incredibly painful at this point to start from scratch.

If anyone has any more ideas or fixes, please post. FYI- here is where ST support left things. Doesn’t give me tons of hope. I would think something like “we are aggressively pursuing a solution to this problem and expect it to be functional again in 7 days” - or something a little more concrete? I’ve heard “top priority” words from technology companies before, and that could leave you waiting forever (oh well)…

"At this time, we unfortunately do not have a workaround for this issue. We are currently working with Philips Hue in order to establish a stable connection with both devices being connected to your network.

The integration of Philips Hue with SmartThings is a major part of a lot of our users systems, so this definitely is a top priority for us."

Same issue for me

Just an FYI, the ST team is working on this. They believe they have a fix in place that they are going to try out tomorrow. I don’t know when that means a fix for everyone (assuming it works) but it does truly appear to be one of their top priorities. Hang tight for at least another 2 days or so. Until then, I don’t think there is a good way to keep both hubs connected to your router. I think you are going to have to choose between one or the other.

Any word on why this is only affecting some people?

Is it like the old reboot problem where it only affects certain routers?

We found an issue with the latest hub firmware release that is affecting some LAN products. If you are experiencing this issue, contact support for beta access to a new firmware version.

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Why are only some customers with Hue affected?

I am not totally sure (I didnt get release notes for the beta build) but think it was related to the demand on the Hub - probably related to a combination of the number of bulbs/devices and/or SmartApps

Same problem here, just contacted support. Hoping it fixes it! :slight_smile:

Most of the users had a large number of Hue bulbs (30+) as well as other LAN devices such as multiple Sonos. Changes to Hue polling and the handling of LAN traffic is believed to be the cause.

Early feedback from the beta firmware has been positive. Unfortunately there isn’t an ETA on when it will go platform-wide and we also cannot provide on demand beta access.

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Yeah I got a response from support and they said the beta fix wasn’t available which is kind of a bummer since I use SmartThings primarily to control my Hue lights and the workaround is to unplug my Hue bridge lol. That being said, when I first noticed my hub being offline Monday morning a few reboots of it and my Hue bridge fixed it for a day. It went offline again last night (Tues) and I rebooted it again it’s been fine since, so I dunno. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get the update out there for everyone!