Is it me or Hue integration is dead?

Is it me, guys or has ST has lost total control over the hue bridge, routines or pretty much everything?

Yuuuuuuuuup, total loss of control for hue. I’m 4 hours away from home for work this week. Wife just called and said none of the lamps are working. I had to use the harmony app to set the level of the kids and livng room lamps. Next I’ll have to turn them off too I guess. I never bothered installing the harmony app on her phone because the ST hue integration has been fine since I installed it a few months ago. Fun times!

I removed everything Hue and now this is what I get

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I think our best bet is to let this shit storm calm down. Hopefully the platform will stabilize and all will return to normal. Lots of problems for lots of people lately. Fingers crossed haha.

Is anyone having connectivity problems with even non-hue devices. My Hub has lost connection 3 times today. All had to be hard rebooted since the AT&T U-Verse issue.

But as such I have moved on!

So my Hue dropped off the edge of the ST world sometime overnight. Can’t (re)discover bridge, cant remove app, totally screwed… Just when I think I have overcome 1 major hurdle a new one pops up :frowning:

I’m having same issue as @cdikland, does anyone know what caused it?


I had the same issue this morning. Removing the bridge helped me rediscover it and all the bulbs started working again.

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How did you remove the bridge??? I get an error when I try…

Never mind… I tried removing the Hue App instead of Hue device. Once I got it right and removed the Bridge device the Hue Connect app found the bridge almost immediately. The lights were found as well and no further setup was required. All is good :slight_smile:


Glad to see I’m not alone, was about to return my smartthings. Trying to set it up for the first time with my hue hub. Cant connect to the bulbs with st, now my physical hue switches don’t work. What a nightmare. If this isn’t resolved in the next couple of days I’m done with smartthings before I even started.

The hue hub and bulbs was the only thing i’ve had trouble adding. I had to get chat support to help me remove the hub to start over. I was also getting the bulbdiscover error, i narrowed it down to my lightstrip causing the problem, i have 12 hue bulbs total so i selected three regular bulbs (non bloom or lightstrip) and that finally worked, and after that, I was able to add the rest with no issues.

So if you remove the hue hub and find it again do you have to reconfigure all of your apps and rule machine configuration??

ST is having major issues now, I would avoid doing anything until service is restored

Not to put too fine a point on it but: yeah, it’s been a God Awful Horrible No Good Very Bad experience over the past 24-48 hours with ST. The whole Smart Home Monitoring and Hue lights stuff in particular have been having major issues. Obviously I’m not the only one.

So I’m guessing no one has a fix yet ? 75% of my lights are hue .


Nope, we’re still in Craptastic Mode with ST. Check out the status page:

Delete the Hue Bridge device (not the ‘Hue - Connect’ SmartApp), go back into the Hue - Connect SmartApp and let it look for hubs again, let me know if this works.