Hub offline? Service outage and a tech support rant

Anyone else without service today? I noticed that my hub went offline (blue light on hub and offline indicated in the app) so I placed my first call to Samsung Smarthings support to report the issue. They told me that everything was fine with the SmartThings service and that I “must have had a power outage… Or something.” And that was clearly the cause for my lights to not work :slight_smile:

Dumbfounded by this response, I double checked the status page which shows “Service Degraded” in North America and UK. Apparently they don’t share this level of detail with tier 1 support. After revealing the existence of this status page to the tech support agent, she suggested that I clearly need to talk to tier 2 support for help with advanced features of the system… I agreed… “But I’m sorry sir, can you call back tomorrow? Tier two support aren’t working right now.”

So I gave up on the tech support and returned here, where the real experts reside. Can anyone confirm a complete outage, or am I alone with this issue today?

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That must be frustrating. Many of us been there. Unfortunately, things here on East coast are running fine.

Well, the issue posted on the status site has nothing to do with the problem you’re facing which isn’t necessarily ST’s fault and could be caused by your internet connection and/or possibly your router.

Have you tried rebooting your ST hub? If you have a v2 hub, make sure pull the batteries out first.


I do appreciate your point… But I have rebooted the hub. Pulled the batteries. No dice. It has reconnected a couple times this evening before returning to offline. Everything else in my home that relies on Internet connection and cloud services are working fine. Tested connectivity to a few sites and all reporting my usual 200 Mb/s low latency speeds and feeds. Granted there could be a problematic route specifically between my ISP / Geo and ST services. I give up. Will check again tomorrow to see if it “magically” restores service.

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I think you may have a brick. It happens. Just write an email to support, I think the people you get on the phone are different than ST support…I am sure they will work with you.

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Since when is “running fine” an “unfortunate” situation? :confused:
I’d much rather the event be isolated … no?

The status page is reporting degraded performance to reflect a continuing issue with text-to-speech capabilities. All other automations, etc. should be working as expected.

@tmclink I will send you a DM to get to the bottom of this.

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Thanks Aaron. I apologize for the rant, but my concern was that my call was summarily dismissed with “Everything is fine here at SmartThings” before I could even describe the issue, and moreover the status page showed that not everything was fine. I was hoping tech support would go into a little bit more detail with me to flush out the issue or perhaps even start a trouble ticket to refer to tier two.

Now that I know that e-mail and phone contacts reach different teams, I’ll stick to e-mail and the community.

I’ll follow-up with details in DM.

After almost of year of reasonable stability my ST is possessed as of yesterday. It is not disarming and routines are not functioning properly.

Is your hub showing online (green LED) or offline (blue LED)?

Mine seems to be offline, solid blue led with the occasional blip of online functionality… since yesterday. Local smart-apps (of which I have one) are functioning without issue. Network captures show that it is communicating with the ST servers.

As an update… for anyone else interested. I’ve connected with the e-mail tech support team and they advised me to unplug the Hue bridge. This restored functionality on the ST hub and it went back online. Plugging in the Hue bridge again killed the ST hub and it returned to offline. I’m awaiting advice on how to make the two work together again.

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Please share when you find a solution…This is super strange!

Indeed. Here is a video of the problem in action. Takes only seconds for Hue to knock the ST hub offline.

Wow. That is somethimg. Did you try moving them away from each other. Or is this some kind of LAN conflict?

They only conflict when both plugged into the same switch. I believe that factors out wireless interference. I may put my packet sniffer inline and see if I can catch any odd exchanges between the two devices.

Just another typical ST firmware update cock-up.

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Thanks @Geko

At least I know that it isn’t limited to my hub.

On the sniffer, looks like a fairly typical http query from ST to the Hue API. While the Hue is responding with an arguably ridiculous number of bulbs that I’ve purchased (50), ST has trouble keeping up with the incoming data… fails to acknowledge a TCP segment, sends a FIN packet (aka stop talking to me) to Hue and goes offline.

According to the other thread, users with large numbers of Hue bulbs or other network devices seem to be more susceptible to this issue.


How many devices you have on your Hue? They say it maxes at 50. I wonder what happens if you split it?