The End of Groovy Has Arrived

My gardenspots were auto-migrated to a zigbee switch driver. They are working just fine.

That’s a little different than what we were previously told, but I don’t know if things have changed again. :thinking:

What we were previously told (it’s buried in the thread above) is that if you wait for the automatic migration, it will happen like this:

  1. if you have already downloaded a custom driver to your hub and the fingerprint matches, the device will automatically be converted to the custom driver. If you have already downloaded more than one custom driver that matches the fingerprint, one will randomly be chosen for the automatic migration.

  2. if there is no custom driver that matches at the time of the automatic migration and there is a stock driver that matches, the device will automatically use that.

  3. if there is no custom driver and no stock driver already on your hub that matches the fingerprint, the system will attempt to find a match based on the generic capabilities of the device.

  4. if even a capabilities match doesn’t work, then the automatic migration will use a “thing” driver of the matching protocol (zigbee/zwave/thread).

So custom edge drivers will take priority over stock edge drivers during the automatic migration, but only if you have already downloaded them to your hub and the fingerprints match.

The official transition FAQ also indicates that custom Edge drivers will be part of the automatic migration process in some cases. See option four.

If the custom Edge driver is already on the hub, we will attempt to migrate the device to that specific driver. This option is to move a custom Zigbee/Z-Wave Groovy DTH to a custom Lua Edge driver without needing to delete the device in SmartThings.

Was there a newer announcement that changed that? There have been so many changes I might have missed one.



Your first point " 1. if you have already downloaded a custom driver to your hub and the fingerprint matches, the device will automatically be converted to the custom driver. If you have already downloaded more than one custom driver that matches the fingerprint, one will randomly be chosen for the automatic migration."
is the way I understood it as well. However, I’ve always doubted it would happen that way. I’m now almost certain it won’t. There are too many new edge drivers being created, modified, duplicated, customized, and too many new devices coming out of China and into our community on an hourly basis. Logistically, I can’t see how they could possibly do this correctly for everyone.
The idea was nice.

New devices probably won’t have a fingerprint match, which may be what you were referring to, so, yeah, those are going to be problematic. I’d say about half of the forum requests for custom edge drivers just have to do with adding a new fingerprint. :thinking:

Personally, I am nervous about the ones that match based on capabilities, given the number of reports we’ve gotten of zigbee devices matching to a Z wave driver, or vice a versa.

Actually, a lot of the drivers for devices I’m referring to are being added at a neck breaking pace by a handful of our wonderful community devs. MC, Phil and Taustin at the top of that list.
I was mainly thinking about the mismatching you alluded to.
I have at least three devices that I know of that, for whatever reason, match to drivers I’ve installed for other devices. I can change to these drivers and of course they don’t work. But they shouldn’t even show up as options. I also have devices that don’t exist show up every time I do an Add New Device Scan. This is due to drivers I have installed but have not added the device yet.
All in all, my Smartthings smarthome is humming along fine. I think my system, and I imagine yours too JD, are good examples of why it’s a slowww migration.

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Hi everyone, please take a look at these update posts about the Groovy migration:


This is very good!


Thanks for this.
Are you confident this list is complete?
I ask because I’m pretty sure my sonoff switches were automigrated to zigbee switch (and had issues) but sonoff doesn’t feature in list ?

It’s a list of Groovy DTHs, not individual devices or brands. Sonoff switch is on the Zigbee Switch Groovy DTH, which is on the list.


I beg to differ about using the Support access in the ST App. All the entries take me (here in Australia to “Samsung Members” app/system and they want nothing to do with Smartthings. They sent me on a tortuous path thru other options, none of which got anywhere.
There is still no sign of the Smart Lighting plugin here in Australia?

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Thank you Samsung for pushing back the timeline and providing a comprehensive and thorough update. It is much appreciated!


Ive searched for this but couldn’t find anything recent on this (apologies if I missed it) but will the new platform architecture address the hub backup and restore debacle?

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No, there is still no hub backup and restore function available.

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But perhaps the completion of the Edge transition will free up some resources to pick back up some of those shelved projects, both in terms of developer availability and with the reduced costs of hosting DTH in the cloud…right? A big company like Samsung would never lay off staff and enjoy recording higher profits… :expressionless:


Questions: once the transaction is done and groovy is shut down, will memory be freed up on the hub?

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Since about 12/17, all of my Smartthings Buttons have become unresponsive. Given the current state of the migration, I gave it a few days to see if it self-corrected, but nothing. They appear to be using the new stock driver, and probably were before they became unresponsive.

Decided to delete and add one of the buttons to see if this would fix it, but still nothing. I did notice that there appear to be many more capabilities than before and what the other buttons still show in the UI. Customer Support hasn’t been very helpful; wanting me to do the usual song and dance; reset the button, delete/ download the app (??)

Anyone else having this problem or ideas what could have caused this on or around 12/17?

I only have one ST button but has been working fine.

The old Smart Lighting app has been removed from both my locations, even though I still had automations in it.

It looks like the routines I still had in the old app got migrated a couple more times into the new one, tripling them up.

New Smart lighting app continues to work fine.

I’m still waiting for my Aeon minimotes To be migrated by st to edge

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