Gledopto Zigbee RGB controller

Has anyone tested this Zigbee RGB controller ?
I was looking at the available zigbee profiles for generic zigbee things in the IDE and there is no option for RGB Controller.

And yes … here is a link to the item:


That device is a ZLL (Zigbee Light Link) device, not ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation), so it is designed to work with a ZLL hub, and probably won’t work directly with the SmartThings hub. Scroll down the webpage of the link you gave to see this:

As long as these lights conform to the ZLL standard they will work with ZHA as ZLL devices will fall back to ZHA if a ZLL coordinator is not discovered.

Even though these should fall back to ZHA, some find that ZLL devices compatible with Hue are better on the Hue bridge than directly with SmartThings.

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For more info have a read of this. I am going to order one and some LED tape tonight.

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Intresting - looking to use something for outside. It’s an well proteced under-eave area and this sounds workable.

More info on the Gledopto controllers here!


I just received the Gledopto RGB controller and it works with SmartThings! It paired as an unknown device so I went into the IDE and change the device type to ZLL RGB Bulb. After that everything ran smoothly.


Anyone have a screenshot of the available functions within the smartthings app once it is linked up?


Found someone on the reddit page who has made some screenshots


Thanks. And can you pick colors when making rules (ie webcore or smartlighting)? Like red if someone trips a door, green if laundry is done, etc? Appreciate the help.


With the Smart Lighting smartapp you can have the lights come on with a specific color and intensity based on the following triggers: Motion, Open/Close, Acceleration, Lock, Presence, Switch, Button, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Water Leak, At Sunrise, At Sunset, At a Specific Time, When Mode Changes, and Illuminance. Looks like you could use the open/close trigger for a door tripping, and attach an acceleration sensor to your washer/dryer to check if they’re done (not shaking anymore). I’ve never tried anything with webcore.


I found these cheap SmartThings compatible LED strip controllers which are way cheaper than the Philips Hue ones. They look and work great so thought I’d share so someone else might enjoy them! Link for more info here


Great find, I have one of these controllers and they work really well! Very helpful link!


I have been holding off making existing LED strips “smart” and I was looking into either the Smartlife H801 (needs to be flashed etc), Fibaro controller (expensive), or another controller (requires IFTTT).

This controller will work with any strip and link straight into smartthings? Do you need the Phillips Hue bridge? Would you be able to post a screenshot of the available functions within the smartthings app once it is linked up?


Yes, there are different types of controllers (W/WW, RGBW and RGB+CCT). They do not require the Philips Hue bridge and link directly to SmartThings. Screenshots can be found on this reddit page


There are several existing discussion threads on the GLEDOPTO controllers. :sunglasses: Was there something you felt required a new thread? Otherwise this can be added to the existing active discussion.

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No, sorry I just hadn’t noticed the thread yet. Sorry for that. They can be merged!


Hi JD,

“There are several discussions about Gledopto…”

Can find this one only.

Just bought the RGB+CCT Zigbee model. What a tiny box. Very small. Receptacle for the 12VDC power supply I already own.

The RGB part works now with a RGB led strip. Will look on the Reddit link for the CCT (cool and warm white). Should be a second Zigbee device in SmartThings?

Found that the RGB-CCT is 1 device.

The RGB+CCT controller uses the same Red, Green and Blue, but has 2 extra pins to control the white and warm white spectrum of the LED. This controller shows up as 1 light which can be controlled like the regular Philips Hue light strip as demonstrated here. This controller could also be used to control an LED strip which uses only RGB lights, just don’t connect the ‘w’ wire.

Grtn Ben


I received the ordered CW/WW (CCT) led strip and I added it to the Gledopto RGB+CCT dimmer.

RGB control is fine.

When I switch to the CW/WW mode, the cool white goes to 6500K. I can see that the WW led is dark and the CW is fully bright.

In warm white, I see that the WW led is fully bright, but the cool white led is also shining dim.

The result is a not so warm white.

I have connected the LED strip direct to the power supply and then I see the WW only.

The settings in SmartThings allow 2700-6500K.

How to go to 2200K or 2000K to get Warm White?

Here a picture of the LEDs CW & WW together at 4700K as an example. 2700K was hard to capture with the camera.

For my not so warm white CCT LED strip I found the DTH of the “ZLL RGBW bulb” somewhere and I changed the lower limit of warm white from 2700K to 2000K.

Tried to upload the DTH but it refused to run locally, I had to set that to false.

Now the LED strip shows the correct color temperature range, from 2000-6500K

Renamed the DTH to -remote to prevent conflicts