Controlling non-fitting led lights

Hello everyone. So up until now I have been using TP-Link wifi light bulbs with my SmartThings hub, through a wifi bridge and a GitHub device manager, which has served me well for the past 2 years. I have recently moved to a brand new house and had planned to use these same light bulbs again however, all of the lights are LEDs, and I mean strip LEDs, they have no bayonet or screw type light fitting. So my question is, how do I go about controlling these type of lights? I know you can get smart light switches but I would rather not use them as almost all of my light switches have a fan knob built into them and would require multiple switch panels. How would I go about controlling these lights?

What you can use is a “controller”.

12 volt DC power supply to the controller, the LED strips connected and wireless connection via Zigbee or Z-Wave to your SmartThings hub.

Depending on your kind of LED strips you have white (even cool and warm white), RGB, RGBW & RGBWW (aka RGB-CCT).

Here an example: Gledopto Zigbee RGB controller

Some pictures of a controller:




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Wow thanks, I didn’t even know these existed. When you posted it the 2.4g threw me a little as that’s a wifi band but no they are zigbee. Thanks very much!

Okay this is a problem. The output voltage of the LED transformer is far higher than I thought it would be.

May have to look at controlling it on the 240v side.

Looks like all leds are in series, that makes x * 1.2V = 62V.

Install a new 12V ledstrip, 12v power supply and the controller…

Or buy for example a new Hue ceiling light (Zigbee) as a replacement.

Hue ceiling light

Here the specs of the Glim OY220-350

Dimmable: No

Don’t know how to replace that power supply with something suitable.

Do you want to keep the light assy as it is?

Then you can control it by a Z-Wave wall switch and your SmartThings hub.

You can use the wall switch whenever you want, or call some automation (on at sunset and off at 11 o’clock).

Dimming is then not possible.

I ended up coming across these. There is plenty of space in the light fitting to fit this and I don’t want to have to replace anything already as the house is brand new.

Hi Shaun,

You connect a dimmer to the non-dimmable lights inside the armature?

Grtn Ben

Yes. You get a custom device handler with it and I just removed the dimming option so now the light just turns on and off acting as a switch.

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