Hardwired smart cabinet lighting suggestions

Does anyone have any recommendations for hardwired under-cabinet lighting? I want to replace a single cabinet light that is not currently connected via an outlet and had a built in switch.

No RGB or dimming needed.

Z-wave preferred but not required. Zigbee preferred over WiFi.

I do not prefer the LED strips but am open to them if there is a simple solution that involves them. I prefer self contained units.


First things first, what country are you in, what model smartthings hub do you have, and which version of the app are you using, Classic, or “smartthings (Samsung connect)”? :sunglasses:

Good questions!

v2 hub
Classic app


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OK, then your choices are basically LED strips or LED puck lights. There are some dumb Halogen options, but they just aren’t as popular anymore.

If you look on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look down near the bottom of that page for the project reports section by room, and look on the kitchen list, you can see what other people have done:


Your basic choices are dumb strips with a smart controller or smart strips that plug-in.

White only Is almost always less expensive than RGBW color strips, Whether smart or dumb.

Smart strips are almost always more expensive than dumb strips plus a smart controller. But you will have several choices in both categories.

As far as zwave versus zigbee, I believe aeotec is the only Z wave strip for the US, and it’s more expensive Than most comparable zigbee models. But you might want it if you were going to use direct association.

LIFX makes an expensive Wi-Fi strip which has eight individually addressable color zones per meter. That’s a nice feature that most of the other strips don’t have, but it does add cost.

As far as the smart controllers to use with dumb strips, the Fibaro (zwave) is very popular. The Gledopto (zigbee) is a new inexpensive option, not as well engineered but some people are using it just because of the cost.


There are many similar looking devices to the Gledopto, but most of them are not certified.

Thank you for the suggestions.

All of those appear to require an outlet and involve an AC adapter. Our current dumb fixture directly accepts a 120VAC input.

All readily available options appear to be like this. Are any options available that do not involve an outlet?

Several of those options can be hard wired directly in line, although some will require a transformer. Look at the Fibaro, for example.

Are there any popular forum favorites that are self-contained (transformer + controller) that accept a line voltage directly? I really only want to illuminate a single 2 foot wide cabinet above a sink, and do not need the solution to scale well.

If I am reading the product details linked above, all either (1) include a transformer that is not ideal for mounting under a cabinet or (2) require a separate transformer.

When you include a transformer (like this popular $60 one: https://hitlights.com/collections/led-light-strip-power-supplies-and-batteries/products/dimmable-driver-waterproof-electronic-etl-listed-made-in-the-usa-40-60-watts), a controller such as the Fibaro (another $70), and an LED strip, the solution approaches $200.

After installing in-wall Z-wave switches that cost $30 on sale, I was hoping that a <$100 solution existed here that still has ETL/UL safety certifications. Does such a thing really not exist?

Thank you for your replies.

To be honest, I think most people who are serious about it just add an outlet that they can plug the included power supply into. Because an under cabinet project by definition means there are cabinets, which is a good place to hide the outlet and put the transformer block if there is one. That’s true for both smart devices and dumb devices. It also tends to sidestep any code issues In a good way.

Is there an existing AC switch involved? If so, you could replace the switch with a zwave switch. I replaced my hardwire florescent under cabinet lights with these affordable LED strips that wire directly into 120v and don’t need a transformer. They are available in cool or warm white light. They connect to each other in series. They can also be dimmed if you decide to use a zwave dimmer switch. Amazon also sells 3 packs with free shipping (when available.)

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