Gledopto Zigbee RGB controller

I am new to RGBW lights and im having some issues. I got a RGBW strip and the Gledopto RGBW controller, I got it paired in smartthings, changed the device type to RGBW bulb (and tried any RGBW type in the IDE list). I can adjust the color and brightness of the RGB part of the light strip but the white does not change. I cant dim it or change the temperature they just stay at what looks to be fill brightness. The 2700k-6500k adjusts the RGB color part of the strip but there is no change on the white, the white doesn’t dim at all and when I turn it off the white stays on. Not sure if its a bad controller or if I should be using a different device handler or device type…im lost.

Manufacturer states only the RGB lights will work because the hub wont recognize the second SSID. I have tried everything I can think of and I cant get any control over the white LEDs they just stay on 100% all the time.

Hi Joshua,

Have you seen this information:

Here I have 2 different Gledopto controllers, the WW/CW for a Warmwhite/Coolwhite ledstrip and a RGB+CCT controller for a RGB/WW/CW strip.

With the RGB+CCT controller I can use the RGB or the CW/WW leds, not all together.

What type of ledstrip do you have?

Grtn Ben

PS read about the Gledopto controllers, that some of the outputs are wrong “named”, for example Red is White. Check that by connecting one color :colombia: of the LED strip at a time to the controller together with the V+ wire.

“Oh… the red and green pins seemed to be reversed in mine as well as well… not a difficult fix though.”

I have a Gledopto LED Downlight Controller w/downlight i just got from China. It seems to work with ZLL RGBW Bulb when reducing power and changing color, but i am not able to turn it OFF - it goes down to 30% when i switch OFF. This is NOT a LED strip, but a 9w Downlight - any suggestions.

You have the 9W or 15W downlight?

On the picture I see a controller next to the downlight.

In the manual the downlight is connected to the mains direct.

How is your downlight connected / controlled? Have you tried to swap the wires? Some of the Gledopto controllers are wrong labeled (output)

Gledopto downlight

Have no experience with the downlight, I have the controller with the strips.

I can choose color OR white light. The color is every color with the RGB leds.

White light is the Coolwhite and Warmwhite leds.

How does your control tile look like?

When I touch the 2703, I get the slider for white light. When I touch the RGB arc, I can control the color.

On/off works correctly.

@benerkens - i am not sure if you are replying to me ? anyway it’s a 9w downlight with external driver, it came in one bundle, so i assume it is connected correct. But i will try the handler you have used when i come home from work - RGB+CCT LED controller.

Hi Fred, yes it was to you.

The name “RGB+CCT LED controller” is my name giving. It is a Gledopto controller connected to ledstrips with RGB+CCT.

I use the “ZLL RGBW” device handler, the same as you.

Some of the controllers are wrong wired inside, so the connection can be different then expected. R and B could be crossed, giving strange color results.

Off :mobile_phone_off: should be OFF.

Can you control the colors RGB with the color wheel in the app tile, the brightness and warmwhite/coolwhite with the sliders?

Grtn Ben

Hi again and thank you for your answer - i will open it today and check/measure the connections. Evertyhing is working fine, except OFF. Here is a link to the product where i bought it on ebay - (it was just for testing purposes - to see if this was something i liked) -
BR Fred

Hi again. checked it last night, there is no other ways to connect this on the PCB inside. FYI - what is happening is that ON=max white light, OFF=low yellow (warm) light. I also changed to all handlers i could think of, but with similar result. Might be a faulty regulator on the PCB, no big deal, this is expected when buying cheap stuff like this. Thanks for your replies.

Hello to all. I have a Samsung Connect Home hub

I bought a Gledopto Zigbee RGB controller and got a problem when connecting this device.
I try pair the Samsung Connect Home and the Gledopto Zigbee RGB controller hub, but somehow I didn’t try to pair them - it’s not working for me.

When trying to pair Samsung Connect Home and the Gledopto Zigbee RGB controller - I don’t see the device in the Smartthings app.

  • I tried to turn on the search and constantly turn the Gledopto on and off - it did not help
  • I tried to download the device handler from github - received the error " .access.AccessDeniedException: Run Locally Permission not allowed for DeviceType "

I have a few questions:

  1. What could be the problem of pairing?
  2. Do I need to download device handler or without it should have seen Gledopto in the SmartTnings interface?
  3. Why did I get an error when trying to add device handler?

I have to say that Samsung Connect Home has a zigbee and it works, I have already paired several devices with it and there was no probem.

This is a screen of my Samsung Connect Home


I have the exact same problem as above. I bought the RGB+CCT GLEDOPTO controller from eBay and have tried to pair it with my SmartThings Hub (v2) but no joy! It gets detected and connects to my Amazon Echo Plus so it seems like the device is working.

Any ideas?


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Here I have 2 different Gledopto controllers, the CW/WW and the RGB-CCT version.

No problem with adding to SmartThings.

I turned pairing mode On in ST app, then plugged in the power to controller. Add one at a time.

Reset the controller and give it another try.

Reset Gledopto Zigbee controller video

Grtn Ben

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See my previous msg. Reset the controller and give it another try.

First enable pairing in the ST, then plugin power to the Gledopto controller, one at a time.

Grtn Ben

I have already tried it - nothing has changed with me.

Shot a video of the whole process

What am I doing wrong?

Here from Reddit:

" realmcphearson · 4 months ago

I just received my Gledopto RGB controller and it works with SmartThings! It paired as an unknown device so I went into the IDE and change the device type to ZLL RGB Bulb. After that everything ran smoothly."

What is written on the controller, Zigbee? They also have WiFi version.

I have zigbee version

Nice movie :sunglasses:

First reset it with the 5x off/on.
Then switch off the controller. Wait till the green led on the controller is really off.

Start adding thing in the app and then power the controller.

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They didn’t send you the wrong version?

There is really ZIGBEE written on it?!

One of mine controllers, not used now.

The other, online