ZLL RGBW bulb not so warm white

I bought a Zigbee led driver for my RGBWW / RGB+CCT LED strips, but the warm white was not so warm color temperature.

The lower limit of warm white was set to 2700K, couldn’t set lower, but I saw the WW leds fully illuminated together with dim illuminated CW leds.

I noticed that my Hue candle goes down to 2000K.

I went looking for the DTH of the ZLL RGBW Bulb and changed the 2700k to 2000K. Now the CW leds are off.

PS it is not a Gledopto specific problem.
I returned zigbee led candle lights that were also not so “warm white”. Also due to the lower limit of 2700K?
With the LED strip I could clearly see that the CW leds were still shining.

What’s the brand and model of the various devices involved?

I had a Osram/Sylvania candle E14 that I returned because of the not so “warm white” color temperature.

I couldn’t see the leds inside the bulb, but with the knowledge now, I think that the lower limit of 2700K, set by the SmartThings internal driver (local) was not low enough to get the bulb in warm white (WW).

Can’t confirm it, I returned the bulb. Maybe others here have the same experience with RGBW or RGBWW lamps.

The same driver I modified to 2000K-6500K and now I have a better result.

Hope that it helps others, this information.

Grtn Ben

PS the LED driver now is a Zigbee device from Gledopto, the RGB-CCT version, together with RGB and CW/WW ledstrip.