Gledopto Bulb with Smartthings?

Hello all. I just purchased a Gledopto light bulb and a Smartthings hub. I have been searching the previous forum posts and it looks like I also need to purchase a Gledopto controller like this to connect the two

But it also looks like the controller is for LED strips, not bulbs. Can anyone confirm if I can connect my bulb directly to my smartthings hub or if I need to purchase something separately? I do not have a Hue bridge or any other philips devices.

Thanks for your help!

That controller is for controlling dumb LED strips not for controlling other smart devices like the bulb.

If The bulb is be able to pair directly with the smartthings hub, you do not need any other device. :sunglasses:

Alternatively, you can pair them with a hue bridge and get integration with smartthings that way.

Note that these are only half as bright as a regular hue bulb and do not dim as smoothly, but they seem to be a decent budget bulb.

There’s a detailed review here:

Thanks for your response! I have searched for the light with the SmartThings app but I cannot discover it. Are there any tricks to discovering bulbs like this with SmartThings?

Did it show up as a generic “thing“? If so, you can go into the web access to your account, which is called the IDE and change the device type Handler for the bulb to a generic one and it should work.

If it didn’t show up as a generic thing, you will need to reset the bulb and then try again using the classic version of the mobile app.

It did not show up as a generic thing. I did a reset (which was successful, it flashed a bunch of times). I’ve tried with both the classic and new versions of the app.

I got a message from the manufacturer saying it does not work with Smartthings, which is strange considering ST should support the ZLL protocol it uses…

Actually, smartthings does not support the ZLL protocol ( zigbee light link) . It uses the ZHA protocol (zigbee home automation).

It may be that that bulb requires “touch link commissioning,” which the Hue bridge does but the smartthings hub does not. :disappointed_relieved:

So you could probably still connect it via the Hue bridge, which may be why reviewers are saying that it works with smartthings.

Did they say if that bulb works with the echo plus? Because the echo plus uses the same zigbee profile that smartthings does. So if it works with one it should work with the other.

I thought that ZLL defaults to ZHA if ZLL is not present. You’re probably right on the touch link commissioning thing since it doesn’t mention being compatible with echo plus :frowning:

So I guess my only option is to buy a hue bridge

ZLL defaults to ZHA when joined to a ZHA coordinator.

But if the device requires touchlink commissioning, it can’t necessarily be joined to a ZHA coordinator. This comes up with quite a few devices designed to integrate with the Hue bridge.

Also, the new zigbee 3.0 standard does not require that devices have an alternative join method to touchlink commissioning.

And a zigbee 3.0 coordinator is not required to support Touchlink.

This thread is about the GLEDOPTO bulb. it sounds like you are talking about the gledopto RGBW controller. That goes in a different thread.

Please be careful and check models when adding to discussions or it can get very confusing. Thanks! :sunglasses:

Have you successfully add the bulb to ST? I’m in the market to find the right bulb apart from Hue.

The IKEA Tradfri bulbs work well with SmartThings and are much less expensive than Hue if purchased directly from IKEA. (Don’t buy them from Amazon, they will cost almost twice as much.)

The white only bulbs will work just fine. The Colour bulbs which are available in some countries sometimes have some odd colour renderings, but that can usually be fixed with custom code.

The plug-in pocket socket in the tradfri line also works well with SmartThings, but the handheld buttons and dimmers and remotes don’t, so don’t bother buying those if you are looking for a SmartThings solution.

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Bought the Tradfri color bulb and ST has no problem detecting it as ZLL RGB Bulb. Also bought another white bulb with round dimmer (p/n 603.569.45) thought that it was similar to the color one. I was wrong. Going to return it and get other model (903.742.69) instead.

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It will be easier to connect ST with gledopto now in 2020…

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The listing for this bulb says compatible with Smartthings but then it also states “Compatible with Zigbee Light Link(ZLL) and standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol”. So I’m confused - I’ve seen @JDRoberts comment about ST using ZHA and not ZLL which means I’d need something like the hue bridge to add this bulb to ST. Can anyone help clarify?

Probably an old post. Smartthings originally only supported the ZHA profile. And that was true for five years. Then in 2019 they added Zigbee 3.0 support to the V3 hub, and eventually to the V2 hub as well, although I don’t think ever to the V1 hub.

They still don’t support touchlink, which is optional under Zigbee 3.0. But many zigbee 3.0 Devices will work. In fact, The most recent generation of smartthings branded Zigbee devices are themselves Zigbee 3.0 . :sunglasses:

Ah right, I have a V2 hub so that Gledopto bulb will work with my hub on that basis?

It should for basic on/off, but colour control might require a custom DTH.

OK thank you, and just before I go searching, you don’t know by any chance if a custom DTH exists already do you?

Gledopto has an official support video which says you can just use the stock “Zigbee RGBW“ DTH, but I haven’t seen any community members report on that one way or the other.

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